SPRING: Quarterly Report on Gators, Part II

Part Two of our Spring Quarterly Report is here...and this time, Gator Country is hacking away at numbers 20-40. Gator Country reporter Justin Riney gives an objective evaluation of each and every Gator on the Spring Practice Roster, giving you an in-depth look at players many of you haven't had the opportunity to get the low-down on. It pays to be an Insider!

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#21 DeShawn Wynn - Wynn had a pretty uneventful start up until Wednesday. He's had some great practices these last few days, however, and appears to be finding his game. DeShawn has been criticized in years past for his mental attitude and his lack of stepping up...but let's remember that he's been plagued by injuries over the years. He appears to be full speed and feeling 100% thus far, and it'll be interesting to see if he seizes the starting spot for his senior year. If he stays healthy, I would bet the farm that he contributes more than any other back on our roster this year. That being said, he's on the verge of making that jump, but isn't quite there yet. I would say the position is still very much wide open, but with Moore tweaking his back and Manson on the sidelines as well, DeShawn may have taken a temporary lead with his strong play these last few days. I'm assuming Moore and Manson will be healthy soon when I say that the position is still wide-open. At this point, Wynn has the slight advantage and appears hungry to snag the starting role.

#22 Reggie Lewis - Reggie is obviously a lock at corner this year. And Gators should rest easy knowing that. Let's pray that Avery and Lewis stay healthy because if they do, we're solid in the secondary. Lewis looks to have matured from his experiences last season and appears to feel comfortable with stepping up into the starting role. He's certainly learned from the best in Vernell and D-Webb and seems very confident out there. He's been pretty tough in the one-on-one drills as well.

#23 Cade Holliday - Son of safeties coach/recruiter Doc Holliday, Cade is a RS Freshman at the receiver position. He's listed at 5-11, 190 pounds, and is worth keeping a close eye on. He was actually working out with the corners a few times last week. I've seen him make a few amazing catches in the wide-out drills, but he definitely appears to be pretty far down the depth chart at both positions at this point.

#24 John Curtis - RS Sophomore. Listed at 6-2, 210 pounds. He was originally thought to be a WR, where he played mostly in high school; however, he's listed on the spring roster as a safety. He's been practicing at both, mostly at safety though. Curtis is another big hitter and is very quick. He played a little corner in high school as well, so he's got speed. He's had a pretty good spring thus far, and is definitely someone to watch to see if he develops more. He's had his hand in a cast, yet continues to improve.

#25 Brandon Kendrick - Brandon's a RS Freshman, listed as a RB. He's 6-0, 182 pounds. I haven't seen a lot of the back-up running backs and haven't had a real chance to evaluate Kendrick.

#26 Jermaine McCollum - As you know, Jermaine is out for the spring with a wrist injury. Corner is scary thin.

#27 Telly Concepcion - Telly is a RS Sophomore who walked on as a corner. He's 5-6, 159 pounds. He's quick, but doesn't appear to really know what's going on out there yet. He's used more as an offensive dummy for the defense at this point. Very small.

#28 Chevon Walker - The first few practices, Chevon really excelled in the punt-blocking drills. Coach Meyer was extremely fired up about him. Since...I've seen him used on special teams, and he's been participating in the basic RB agility drills, but hasn't made much noise. He's obviously a true freshman going through his first spring here, so you can't expect much yet. On a side note, on Wednesday he got tangled up in a tackle and appeared to have injured his knee slightly. I was told it may have been his ankle, but he was held out for a while and was limping slightly to the locker room. He's been practicing with a slight limp in his step, but it doesn't appear to be serious.

#29 Eric Rutledge - Eric has been working out with the TE/FBs and has been doing a lot on Special Teams. I honestly feel bad for whoever faces Rutledge on Special Teams because he simply annihilates whoever he blocks. He's a lead blocker for the kick-returner...so he gets to lay some foundation. I haven't seen much more of Eric this spring, but I definitely wouldn't want to meet this guy head on full speed on a kick-off.

#30 Earl Everett - Earl has had a relatively quiet spring. There's nothing wrong with his game whatsoever, and he's obviously a starter if healthy; he just hasn't really made that much noise yet in practice. We were all a little worried when Earl was wearing the yellow jersey on Wedensday, but he seems to be feeling fine and has been practicing as usual these last couple of days. Earl and Siler are quite possibly the best one-two punch at linebacker in the SEC, if not the country in my opinion. They work very well together.

#33 Kestahn Moore - Moore has had a rough start this year. He practiced fine for most of the first week and then seemed to tweak his back a little. Evidently they've been debating surgery, and he's been doing stretching exercises, light jogging, and walking laps the entire practice this last week. I'm not sure on the whole surgery thing, so don't hold me to that. It's obviously something to keep an eye on. Many believe with his strong play last year that Moore was the best candidate for the starting job this fall. It's really tough to see things like this happen and hopefully it's not too serious. It's unfortunate in the sense that it puts him behind on the depth chart right now because it's a critical time for proving yourself on the field.

#33 Moise Paul - Paul is a RS Junior listed at 6-2, 210. He's yet another body at safety for the Gators and is deep on the chart. We're loaded at safety.

#34 Dorian Munroe - Dorian has played great this spring and will be one of the big surprises this fall for Gator fans. Dorian seems to have separated himself from the youth on the team and is playing with the big guys now. He had a few picture perfect plays in the scrimmage on Saturday, one where he broke up an accurate pass from Leak on a 15 yard out. He's earned the respect of his peers, and I've heard Coach Meyer give praise multiple times to Dorian in the drills. When Coach Meyer praises you in public, you take it seriously. I've been waiting for Munroe to step up and I believe he's finally doing it. Look for him to get extremely involved at safety and the nickel.

#34 Lamont Sheppard - It's so confusing to see Sheppard and Munroe wearing the same jersey number and both being on defense. Usually they only issue duplicate numbers when on opposite sides of the ball. Sheppard is smaller at 5-9, 185 pounds...but they look like identical twins out there. Lamont has some speed, and it's always nice to have another body at corner at this point. To be honest, I haven't seen that much of him though.

#35 Eric Sledge - Sledge is coming along nicely, but is still the smallest LB we have on roster. In fact, he's still at least 20 pounds lighter than the rest of the crew and is listed at 210. Now keep in mind, this is a kid that was once wanting to play WR here, and he's already put on some serious weight. He has a ways to go, but look for him to contribute with our depth at LB.

#36 Nick Brooks - Brooks is listed at corner but I've seen him playing safety the majority of his time out there. He's listed at 6-0, 207 pounds, and works out a lot on the second team. He's not exactly the most reliable at the position, but could stand in relatively well if we need him to. He'll make a big play every once in a while to keep you on your toes, but lacks consistency.

#37 Kalvin "Pig" Baker - Stay tuned...

#37 Tim Higgins - Tim is a RS Junior listed at 5-7, 175 pounds. Supposedly he's working with the receivers, but I haven't seen Higgins out there on the field that often, and at this point, he's probably really deep on the chart.

#38 Lorenzo Campbell - Campbell is a big guy. He's listed at 6-4, 209 pounds. He's been working out with the safeties, and I've actually seen him in the corner drills a few times. Unfortunately, I don't think he's quick enough to play corner here. One thing is certain however, and that's if we lose one of the corners, we can always move one of the many athletes over from safety for a temporary fix. We are so deep at safety right now. There's a lot of potential out there. Campbell has the physical attributes that make him very versatile, and it will be interesting to see where or if the coaching staff works him in.

#38 Jonathan Phillips - Phillips was a high profile kicker coming in here as most of us know. Hetland stepped up big for us last year and came on real quick to win the job, however, and Phillips took the back seat when he couldn't perform immediately. He's still the second choice right now, and it's Hetland's job to lose. He does seem to be a little more consistent, but all the kickers seem to be a tad rusty with their field goal accuracy.

#39 Chris Hetland - See above.

#39 Joey Sorrentino - Sorrentino is a true Freshman WR. He's listed at 5-8, 171 pounds, and played HS ball at Trinity Catholic with Coach Kerwin Bell, so has had great coaching. His small stature is a drawback with the talent and size we have at receiver, but he's worth keeping an eye on over the next few years. I haven't seen much of him as of yet.

#40 Brandon Siler - What a perfect way to end this list of numbers 20-40. Siler is the obvious leader of our defense and fills that role incredibly well. He's the most vocal, fun, exciting player out there on the field. He's always fired up...he's a motivator...and has earned the respect of every man on that football field. The crowd absolutely loves him, and he's constantly heard making comments that will crack you up after the play is whistled dead. Off the field, he's the most laid-back, soft-spoken individual. You'd never know he's the crazy guy running around out there after having a conversation with him. Siler is determined. He's going to be successful...you can see it when you listen to him talk. If he misses a tackle, the coaches don't even bother hounding him; Brandon is the most critical person of himself on that football field, and holds himself to extremely high standards. You can tell when he makes a mistake, he learns from it. He fixes it and moves on. Siler is having a great spring thus far, and Gator fans should expect big things from him this year. He's hungry after watching the basketball team.

Well that concludes numbers 20-40. Stay tuned for the remaining roster throughout the week. As I said before, I'm no football guru, but I am out there to see and chat with these guys on a regular basis, so this is simply meant for those that don't have that opportunity. Hope this helps.

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