SPRING: A few minutes with Tim Tebow

Freshman quarterback Tim Tebow has turned many of his fondest dreams into reality. He is four months removed from helping deliver a state championship for Nease High School, presently attends the University of Florida, and is quickly adapting to the Gators spread offense. He probably didn't count on signing autographs as just a freshman outside of his classes and occasionally posing for photo opts with classmates. But, that too is reality.

Things have obviously improved for Tebow at practice. He struggled as all freshmen do with the adjustment in timing and speed. After a few days of work, he still struggles a bit in one-on-one and seven-on-seven drills. But, Tebow has been very good in those scrimmage sessions.

"It's been a lot of fun," Tebow said. "I've been working real hard and just trying to get better every day and learn everything and let it slow down. You just try to make all of your reads and everything as quick as possible and try to get better at it everyday."

"I'm trying to learn as much as possible," he added. "I'm spending as much time in the film room, meeting rooms, and weight room learning as much as possible getting comfortable with it, being able to run it if need be."

Tebow has made several plays during the scrimmage sessions since spring practice opened. He still has a lot of work to do on his fundamentals, but his ability to make something positive out of nothing is the stuff of legends and it's becoming all to obvious that the star quality is following him in the collegiate ranks.

"I think that you have more opportunities to be free and make plays in scrimmages," Tebow said. "You try to work on your fundamentals (during man-on-man and seven-on-seven drills) and I have to work on that."

He said that starting quarterback Chris Leak has taken time to work with him and help him both from a skills and leadership standpoint.

"He's (Chris Leak) is a great guy and a good leader and I'm trying to learn from him," Tebow stated. "I'm just trying to get in there and run a little bit with the twos and get comfortable with them and lead them just trying to make all of my reads and work at it each day and try to get a little better."

Tebow addressed one of the rumors surrounding him.

"I never got up to 245," he said laughing. " I was up to 238, but now I'm back down to about 230 and I think that's a pretty good weight and about where they want me. I'm going to try and stay there."

Make it a point to catch the Gators Orange and Blue game to see some of the many things Tebow brings to the Florida offense.

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