TRANSCRIPT: Chat w/ Gator Commit Jerry Howard

Last night, over 80 Gator fans joined us in chat as they asked the Gators' first commitment, Jerry Howard, many questions about his recruitment and personal life. Here's a transcript from the chat. Stay tuned for a chat with D'Angelo McCray!

Ryan Jordan:: Alright, I've got Jerry Howard on the line and were ready for questions...

GatorInThePuppyState:: Jerry, how big of a recruiter for the Gators are you going to be now that you are commited to coming to UF?

Jerry Howard:: "You know I'm trying to persuade a lot of people. My goal is to be a good recruiter."

GracieGator:: Who have you spoken with so far as far as other 07 recruits go?

Jerry Howard:: "I talk to Ian Williams a lot."

gatorpj:: Jerry, congrats on being the first commit for this class. What made you decide to pull the trigger early?

Jerry Howard:: "Umm.. When I went up there to the spring game I fell in love with campus and atmosphere. I also like the school because I want to major in business."

bomber2525:: Jerry do you know any of the other dline recruits for UF like McCray, Davis, and Williams?

Jerry Howard:: "The only other one I know is Ian Williams."

Island8tor:: Jerry, what position are you going to play?

Jerry Howard:: "I will play defensive end. The FOX position."

Jerry Howard:: "That's the same spot Jarvis Moss plays."

bomber2525:: What other schools where you interested in?

Jerry Howard:: "Florida State, Nebraska, NC State, UCF and Miami. Those were my top running schools other than Florida."

MajorGator:: Jerry is there a chance you could enroll early?

Jerry Howard:: "That's been coming up in discussion but I wont know if I can graduate early until this summer."

three99:: JH did you tell everyone in your barbershop you was a gator and do you see Lo Edwards there

Jerry Howard:: "Everybody in the barbershop is Gator fans so I let them know."

HotlantaBill:: Jerry...what player do you model yourself after? Do you have somebody you looked up to growing up?

Jerry Howard:: "Umm. I'd have to say Mario Williams. I love his explosiveness off the ball. He really comes off hard."

justinriney:: Jerry playing basketball in high school...what were you thinking when we won that national title?

Jerry Howard:: "If they can do it in basketball, they can do it in football. That's the first thing that went through my mind."

BlueChip12:: Jerry, is it true that you've never watched the Gators play in The Swamp?

Jerry Howard:: "No I haven't made it up to a game yet. I'm really looking forward to doing that on my official visit."

DieAGator:: Jerry, are you really 230 right now and do you see yourself growing into a DT some day?

Jerry Howard:: "Right now I'm 240lbs and I really dont see myself as a defensive tackle."

Island8tor:: Jerry, what weight will you play at? What do you weigh now?

Jerry Howard:: "I'd like to play at around 260lbs if I can"

GatorRyan:: Jerry, are other schools still calling and do you expect them to keep recruiting you?

Jerry Howard:: "Aw man they are calling like crazy. FSU always tells me it's not over until signing day."

justinriney:: Jerry, how quick are you? You've obviously got some speed if they want you at fox...any up-to-date 40's?

Jerry Howard:: "I run a 4.6... I think I'm pretty quick."

BlueChip12:: Jerry, I hear you're a best in the weight room. Any idea how many times you can rep 185 lbs?

Jerry Howard:: "I can rep 185 about 35 times. My max is 315"

GatorInThePuppyState:: Jerry, so you have talked to Ian a lot, how confident are you that he will be playing beside you in the orange and blue?

Jerry Howard:: "I'm not gonna put Ian out there like that, but I think there's a pretty good chance."

Solari:: Whats your most memorable moment in your recruitment?

Jerry Howard:: "So far it's been the experience of being with the head coach one on one. They usually don't recruit defensive players by themselves."

DieAGator:: Who recruited you Jerry?

Jerry Howard:: "Coach Meyer personally recruited me. He came down the day before signing day to my school."

justinriney:: Jerry how do you expect the adjustment to go from linebacker? Do you see yourself playing at End a lot this year because of your early decision?

Jerry Howard:: "With playing LB, I think Im going to have an edge because the FOX moves back to linebacker sometimes and plays the slot. That will give me an advantage."

cbreezeinsider:: Jerry, who is the best OL you have gone up against so far?

Island8tor:: Jerry, will you make it to the O&B game?

Jerry Howard:: "Yes hopefully I will be at spring game/."

BlueChip12:: Jerry, I read that Eric Sledge is your cousin. Did he influence your decision in choosing UF?

Jerry Howard:: "Not really. It was on me. Eric did talk to me about the situation but he didnt influence me."

bomber2525:: Jerry how do you think your high school will do this year?

Jerry Howard:: "Right now I think we'll be pretty good. We should have a good season."

Solari:: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself personally? I.e. things you like to do, wathc, etc.

Jerry Howard:: "I like to watch the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and I love macaroni and cheese. With my free time I like the movies and I live in the weight room."

DieAGator:: Jerry, what are you focused on physically and academically for your senior season in preparation to attend UF?

Jerry Howard:: "I am completely focused on my responsibilities."

FrankGator627:: What sold you on UF, the coaches or did the university sold itself ?

Jerry Howard:: "It's close to my home. I love the campus and the coaches seem pretty good. They also have my business major. I'll also have a good chance to compete for a starting position/"

justinriney:: Jerry, are you doing any recruiting for UF yet? MajorGator:: and who are you recruiting?

Solari:: Do you have a nickname on the field?

Jerry Howard:: "They call me Manchild. I got that name last year after a game against Evans when I had 15 solos"

justinriney:: Jerry, how close are you with your family? was the decision to stay close to home a big influence? who can we expect to be here in Gville for the games?

Jerry Howard:: "Yes it was because I want my parents to come watch me play every weeke nd. I think it's a good decision. All my coaches will come watch me, my cousins, friends.. just everybody."

FrankGator627:: Enrolling early means you would have to miss out on defending the state basketball title, how much will that weigh in your decision to enroll early ?

Jerry Howard:: "You know what? I won one this year so that really doesn't matter. I would like to play one more year for my dad though."


Jerry Howard:: "My playing ability.. I'm not one to brag so I'll just leave it to the film. That says it all."

cbreezeinsider:: Jerry what would be your dream ride, old style like a duece and quarter, or something a little more sporty like a Porshe

Jerry Howard:: "I would have to say one of those Mercedes Maybach's"

theorangebluewinagain:: Who do you think you think your game most emulates

Jerry Howard:: "Right now I'd have to say I'm a little like Jevon Kearse"

justinriney:: Have you experienced any negative recruiting?

Jerry Howard:: "Not yet. I had a few colleges asking me if thats my final decision but it hasn't been real bad. I guess they feel they still have a chance since signing day hasn't come yet/"

faulk18:: YOu've seen Moss practice in person, you have the speed and size like him, what do think about him, and following in his shoes????

Jerry Howard:: "You cant get better than Jarvis. He's probably going to be a first round pick next year. Im just going to try and fill his shoes the best I can."

FrankGator627:: DLO and Jerry, Who gets the first sack between you two ?

Jerry Howard:: "I haven't heard too much about D'Angelo. I heard he's a good player and I'm not scared of competition. I'm just glad he's joining the squad."

justinriney:: Jerry, will you be up here a lot this summer? What are your plans?

Jerry Howard:: "This summer I will definitely try to be in Gainesville. I just want to keep attending camps and get better."

GatorRyan:: Jerry how does it feel to start the avalanche for UF recruiting?

Jerry Howard:: "Well you know it feels good. It took a lot of pressure off of me. I'm just focused on schoolwork."

HotlantaBill:: Jerry...since i always seem to have trouble when im down there...whats the best BBQ in o-town area?

Jerry Howard:: "Best barbeque in Orlando hmm.. I'd have to say Oh BOy's"

cbreezeinsider:: OK Jerry, a very serious question, do you like your Bar B Que to be pork or beef?

Jerry Howard:: "Got to be pork."

bomber2525:: Jerry do you feel like UF can haul the best dline recruiting class in the country especially with you and McCray on board already?

Jerry Howard:: "Oh yes it's looking like that. We've got D'Angelo right now and hopefully we can get Ian. It doesn't get any better than that."

Solari:: What are your dreams outside of football - you said you want to be a business major. What would you like to do in that area?

Jerry Howard:: "I'd like to start my own corporation and expand national."

Jerry Howard:: "I loved how the basketball team faced adversity in full stride. They said UCLA was too physical but they proved everyone wrong."

Jerry Howard:: "Gator fans, see you in the Swamp!"

Ryan Jordan:: I'd like to spend a special thank you to Jerry Howard for joining us this evening, as well as to all those who submitted questions!

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