SPRING: Day Nine In-Depth Practice Report

The Florida Gators had another great day of weather as they are now past the half way mark of spring drills. There are still a lot of injuries but a few players are starting to make it back on the field of practice. It was another hard hitting practice with probably the best hit of the spring taking place today as the Gators were in full pads.

After individual instruction the skill players form both sides of the ball met for their open field tackle drill. We will show a great deal of this in the video from practice. The star of the drill was Louis Murphy who went against all comers and used agility, speed, and power on different tries to go 7-0 and score all seven times he touched the ball. That may be the best I have seen in this drill. If I had to pick the best defender it is probably Earl Everett he has so much quickness for the area that the offensive players have to move in that it is tough for them to get around him. He also is a sure tackler and a very hard hitter.

In the lineman battles with the split line drills that will be in the video, Carlton Medder was getting it handed to him and Coach Addazio was making sure he was going to fix the problem.

Jim Tartt was not doing contact again and Franz will talk about that in his Meyer post practice report. The coaches really like Simon Codrington and with Tartt on the IR, he is getting reps with the first team at left guard. He looks solid and occasionally spectacular.

Kyle Jackson was with the second defense today and finally in a contact jersey. Markus Manson was in a blue contact jersey today.

For all the good he did in the open field tackle drill, Murphy dropped two balls in the 7 on 7 red zone portion of the practice. Both passes were deep but hit him in the hands with no defender making contact.

Avery Atkins got a flag for pass interference on a slant route from Kenneth Tookes.

Cornelius Ingram caught a 25 yard corner route for a touchdown as he was untouched and all but uncovered on the play.

The offense is definitely incorporating more slants and crossers these days. I noticed Kyle Jackson getting onto Dorian Munroe one time for not realizing that Caldwell was going to be running a crossing pattern.

The ladders are stepping up. There were two blocked Leak passes by the middle ladder today in the 7 on 7 drill. I think they are taller than their 8 foot listed height. I will have to find the assistant coach of the ladders and ask what their real height is next practice.

David Nelson made a nice cut on a 12 yard out and the ball was there immediately after the cut in front of Avery Atkins for about a 14 yard gain.

For all the dropped balls he has had, Tate Casey has made a number of good catches and a number of touchdowns in the red zone. I didn't notice any drops from Casey today and he had a very nice scoop of a 20 yard pass from Leak that got him real close to the end zone.

On one particular pass play, David Nelson tried running a crosser inside five yards of the line of scrimmage. Earl Everett came up and hit him so hard Nelson went way off track and almost hit the ladders that were back at the line of scrimmage. He can forget that option on the quarterback's route tree.

Brandon Siler got both mitts on a Tim Tebow pass intended for Bubba Caldwell. It was on a 16 yard dig pattern which is like a delayed out cut in the middle of the field. Siler trailed Caldwell who was in the slot and just jumped the ball after Tebow tried to zing it in there. He dropped the interception and was really mad at himself.

Dallas Baker caught a 10 yard hook pass from Leak, then promptly turned around and bulldozed Avery Atkins at the goal line for a touchdown.

A little slow getting the pass off, but Ingram completes a deep crossing pattern in the back of the end zone to beat Tony Joiner for a touchdown. If there was any pressure at all (remember no linemen in this drill) Leak would have been sacked, but Coach Heater still got after Joiner for giving up on the play.

A few plays later Joiner was called for holding on another receiver by the referees in attendance.

Red Zone (Full offense vs. full defense)

In the red zone drill, the first offense opens up on the first play with a 25 yard touchdown pass on a corner route from leak to Dallas Baker. He was untouched.

The second offense almost scored on the first play against the second defense. Tebow was inches from hitting Nyan Boateng, but the offense failed to convert and settled for a field goal attempt.

The first offense again got a quick first down, and then took about six more plays to finally put the ball in the end zone. On fourth and one, Leak tries to hit Tate Casey, but h was held big time by Brian Crum who was called. On first and goal, a back up offensive lineman Hires was added to the starting line as an extra lineman and he jumped. Leak was all over him and told him to get out of there. First team offense ended up scoring a TD on a Wynn run up the middle.

On the next series with the second teamers, Nick Brooks at safety puts the hit of the spring on Louis Murphy who doubled over and went down for a while. He also coughed up the ball. Murphy wouldn't play any more but was alright after practice. The seconds ended up settling for another field goal.

The first offense scored again and eventually scored on an end around by DeShawn Wynn and a questionable call by the refs that should be on the video.

Second offense settled for a FG on a third down sack of Tebow after he bobbled a decent snap.

First and ten from the ten and the first offense handed the ball to Markus Manson who had a huge hole over the right side, cut back, and then was clear to the end zone for a touchdown.

Louis Murphy was an easy one for player of the day until he dropped three balls. I am going to go with Earl Everett who is crazy good in the open field tackle drill and is playing like a possessed beast on defense right now.

Gator signee Justin Williams was in attendance today. The Lakeland HS coaches were at practice and in full force. They have been to Gainesville for practice at least six times this spring. Jarvis Herring and Jeremy Mincey were out at practice today.

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