Spring Quarterly Report, Part III

Part Three of our Spring "Quarterly" Report is here. This time we're tackling numbers 40-58 on the Gator's Spring Practice Roster. Gator Country continues to bring you the best up-to-date information available anywhere on the web, and our quarterly reports are an excellent way for insiders to learn a little about the players that contribute behind the scenes. It really does pay to be an Insider! Enjoy...

#41 Jamaal Deveaux - Deveaux is listed as a RS sophomore at linebacker. I haven't seen that much of Deveaux, but what I have seen, he's usually making mistakes. He seems somewhat timid to unload on someone in drills. He's on special teams as well, and I've seen him take a verbal beating from Coach Hevesy multiple times on the kick-returning drills. At one point on special teams, he was told to just get off the field and stay on the sidelines. He's struggled a lot this spring. Jamaal is 6-0, 228 pounds.

#41 Ryan Stamper - Stamper is making progress. He's listed at 6-1, 228 pounds on the spring roster, and has seen quite a few reps on the second team. I haven't seen much of him in the scrimmages or 7-on-7's, but in the individual drills, he has a tough time making tackles. When they set up the one-on-one tackling drills, he doesn't contain the ball-handler well. Nothing a little technique can't fix.

#42 Reynolds Cantave - Cantave is a RS Sophomore at 5-10, 190 pounds. He's been working out with the corners. I haven't seen much of Cantave.

#42 Billy Latsko - Billy has had a nagging hamstring lately. He's had a great spring up until this point, however, and it hasn't appeared to have slowed him down that much. With the injury issues at RB, Latsko has taken a lot of reps this spring, and it appears that Coach Meyer and the staff are using the FB a lot more in this offense. Latsko is one of those guys you want on your side of the ball. He'll straight up run anyone over and is constantly giving 100%. He hustles, does his job when asked, and fights for additional yards on every play. When you watch him in the one-on-one tackling drills, while most ball-handlers try to juke the defender, Billy just runs straight at them with his head lowered. It's scary.

#43 Byron Dyce II - Byron is a RS Freshman at FB. He's 5-8, 197 pounds and doesn't get that many reps at all. Latsko and Kyle Pupello usually handle the FB duties.

#43 James Smith - James is the RS Sophomore long-snapper, and he's a darn good one. I haven't seen any bad snaps on the punting squad yet, and after watching Smith in practice on Wednesday snap about 20-30 balls perfectly, I'm not expecting many mistakes here. I've actually seen Smith throw some really big hits down field too. I've commented numerous times about his toughness. He's 6-3, 230 pounds and hits like a linebacker.

#44 Marcus Thomas - Thomas is one of the more vocal players on the team. I've seen him get pretty fired up on more than one occasion, and he lets people know when he's excited. He's a trash talker too. Hopefully the hernia doesn't sideline him long because he looked really good without Scoop out there. I have absolutely no info on how long he'll be out. Thomas was out at practice on Wednesday, but didn't participate in warm-ups, and was in the pit on the bike the majority of the day. He's had a great spring up until this point. Better now than later.

#45 Butch Rowley - Evidently they changed Butch's number to 45. The new roster has him here now. See number 16 on the first report for Butch's info. Very nice guy.

#46 Kyle Pupello - Kyle is coming along very nicely. He's been getting a lot of reps along with Latsko, and Kyle is extremely tough. Much like Latsko, he just absolutely runs people over. He's not quite as punishing as Latsko, but he definitely does damage out there. To give you an idea of the difference between the two, in the one-on-one tackling drills, Latsko runs people over and keeps going; Kyle runs them over, but usually falls down doing it. I love the toughness these two fullbacks bring to the running game.

#48 Javier Estopinan - Javier is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He's listed at 280, and is at DT. Javier has been on the second team D-line and serves as a lead blocker on kick-returns as well. He's a little rusty out there, and in my opinion should be manhandling some of these offensive linemen, but he's one of the better blockers on special teams.

#49 Terrence Holmes - Holmes had a great start this spring, and he caught my eye a few times with a great catch or making a great read in the 7-on-7 drills. He injured his shoulder a few practices ago, and was out on the field on Wednesday and looked rusty. It must be bothering him a little because he definitely didn't look like the same player. Holmes, when healthy, has become a viable option at safety and will add some much needed depth. I believe it's a dogfight for that other safety spot opposite Reggie, but you're probably looking at either Joiner or Jackson there. Joiner is having an incredible spring.

#50 Brandon Daniel - Brandon is sharing the second team defensive tackle role with Clint McMillan. Wednesday was the first day Marcus Thomas sat out with these two sharing first-team roles, so we'll know more as this situation unfolds. Up to this point, I haven't seen much of Daniel because the D-line is usually across field and out of view.

#52 Darryl Gresham Jr. - Gresham is adapting nicely at his new defensive end position. He's listed at 6-1, 260 pounds on the spring roster, and has gotten a lot more physical this off-season. He's been working on the second team and making the switch from linebacker, he's able to adapt to coverage situations fairly easily from the end position. He hasn't made much noise this spring as of yet, but appears to be on the right track.

#54 Roderick Blackett - Blackett is a walk-on RS Freshman. He's listed as a RB, but has been working out as a linebacker all spring. He's only 5-10, but has some meat on him at 215 pounds. Let me tell you this kid can hit! If they were debating on him at RB, I can see why they switched him. He might make a good FB at some point. He plays on special teams as well, and brings the pain. You'll hear his name again at some point.

#55 Jon Demps - I can't wait for Demps to get healthy! Demps reminds me so much of a younger Jarvis Moss. Yes, I know we need the depth at linebacker, and we have plenty of end prospects coming in...but I honestly think about it every time I see him. He's been wearing the yellow jersey this spring, and you can tell he's itching to get back to full speed. It's hard to tell how he's doing out there when he's not making contact. We'll know more when he's healthy, but he looks like he's in unbelievable shape. Very excited about Demps!

#56 Darryon Robinson - Robinson is making a lot of noise this spring. At 6-0, 235 pounds, Robinson has been making a name for himself by consistently out-working the competition. You can see his determination and drive in the drills, and, much like Blackett, you notice how hard he hits. He's not ready for the field just yet, however, and as a non-scholly, will need to continue to improve throughout spring to keep the coaches' interest. You could argue that he's the biggest surprise this spring thus far from the walk-ons.

#57 Carl Johnson - Carl is playing like a freshman, but it's great to see him working out these kinks in the spring, as opposed to this summer and fall. Carl seems to do pretty much everything wrong out there right now, and is having a tough time. Coach Hevesy is all over him throughout practice, and Carl is clearly still getting used to the transition. Carl enrolling early may prove to be one of the best decisions he could've made in this whole process. He's got a lot of work to do, but he's definitely got a leg up as a freshman.

#58 Mike Williamson - Mike is a RS freshman long-snapper. I believe James Smith has this spot secured as of right now.

Well there's numbers 40-58. I'll do a larger final edition consisting of the remaining 30 or so players. As I've said before, I'm no football guru, but I am at every practice to witness this stuff first hand. Keep in mind there are three practice fields, about 90 or so players, and a ton of coaches and assistants. It's difficult to see sometimes out there and many of the positions practice consistently on the opposite field. We try to evaluate every player as best as we can, but sometimes we just don't have the luxury of being right there next to the action. Hope this helps.

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