SPRING: Q and A with Earl Everett

Earl Everett led the team last year in tackles and is an invaluable component of Florida's defense. Heading into his senior year and following the basketball championship, Earl is hungrier than ever for that coveted National Title. Gator Country snagged Everett after practice on Monday to get his thoughts on this year's linebacker situation.

JR: Earl, how do you feel the defense is doing out there?

EE: The defense is looking pretty good. We're out there working hard, and our main goal is to just improve from last year.

JR: Tell me your thoughts on the depth at linebacker this year.

EE: We got a lot of work to do. We got a lot of young guys and just a lot of work to do with them. We need some of these young guys to come in and get here early because really our scholarship guys are me, Crum, B-Si (Brandon Siler), and Stamper...you know we got Demps, but he's still out. So really the only other one that's there is Stamper. We gotta get those young guys going and get them ready to play.

JR: There are a few non-scholarship guys like Robinson who appear to be having a great spring. Who do you personally feel has stepped up a lot so far and has a good chance to contribute this fall?

EE: D-Rob definitely looks good. He looks real good. He's come a long way. Last year, he talked to me and told me that he really wanted it, and it's paying off. He's been working really hard in the weight-room. I'm really happy for him...hopefully they'll give him a scholarship. He's been working REAL hard.

JR: I noticed a few practices ago you were wearing the yellow jersey signifying an injury of some sort. Tell me a little about that if you will.

EE: It was just a little concussion. Just a minor concussion.

JR: How's it feeling now?

EE: Oh, I'm feeling real good. I was just out of practice that one day. It was just a minor little thing, no big deal at all. The following day I was back in action. Nothing serious.

JR: What aspects of your game are you specifically working on this spring?

EE: My main goal is to stay consistent. I'll be working a lot on my coverages...that's probably the main thing. I'll be spending a lot of time working on the coverages.

Watching Earl and Brandon Siler on the field gets any Gator fan excited for the fall. These are two hungry linebackers that swarm the football and create turnovers. Earl appeared to be very enthusiastic about his senior year, so look for him to do some exciting things this fall for the Gators.

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