SPRING: Extremely Detailed Scrimmage Report

The Florida Gators had their second full scrimmage of the spring on Saturday and there was a lot to be excited about. Offensively the running game seemed to get on track while the defense won the overall scrimmage according to Coach Urban Meyer's scoring system. The weather was great and the hitting was big time, The Gators escaped without any new injury, which is very good news. Here is a detailed report of each segment of practice.

Once they were through with individual instruction the teams got together at about the 30 yard line and 70 yards from the goal line for the offense. This is called the Drives portion of the scrimmage and the offense just has to come up with a substantial drive that gets them deep into scoring territory. This isn't every play but some highlights of what I noticed.

1st offense vs. 2nd defense

Leak completes a very nice 18 yd out pattern to Jemalle Cornelius for a first down There were a few false starts to start the this scrimmage session, but seemed to dissipate as time went by. Nick Brooks covering Mike McIntosh breaks on a third down pass and almost intercepts a long pass from Chris Leak. Win defense.

Jemalle Cornelius ran a 10 yard crossing pattern and got a perfectly timed pass form Leak, turned up field and ends up with about a 15 yard gain. Markus Manson gets a dump pass from Leak and bulls ahead for seven good yards. Manson runs for another first down, and then runs wide and cuts back big time for a long first down run of 25 yards or so. Leak followed that up with a keeper for 8 yards. Leak tried to hit Cornelius in the back of the end zone, Kyle Jackson broke from his free safety spot and sprinted over to break the pass up. The coaches allowed this drive to continue even though the offense won the battle and it paid off for the offense. Leak hit Cornelius Ingram for a slant and a first down. Then Jemalle Cornelius finished off the drive for an 11 yard reverse.

Against the second team defense the offense went one for two on drives in this situational period of the scrimmage. Their second drive was pretty easy.

2nd offense vs. 1st defense

In this group the second team receivers included walk on Cam Brewer although normally the second team receivers and backs are regularly substituted on the first team with usually the quarterback and the line men staying the same.

A short run on first down netted short yardage and on 2nd down, Jarvis Moss blows by Jason Watkins for a sack of Tim Tebow A quick screen gets nothing on third down and marked a point for the defense..

On the second shot for the second offense, Kenneth Tookes made a great catch of a Tebow pass on a Streak. The ball was thrown sharp and Tookes had to really stretch to haul in the ball. On 2nd and 11, Tebow was sacked by Moss and McMillan. Third and long and Reggie Lewis jumped on a slant pass and should have picked it off from Tebow. This added another point for the defense.

A third match up of these two saw Latsko get around the end and then put his head down for 7 tough yards. On second down Latsko lost three. Tebow overthrows on third down for end of series and another point for the defense.

Going against the first defense, the second offense didn't fair very well. They went 0-3.

2nd offense vs. 2nd defense

Tebow complete to Brewer for 7 yards. Maurice Hurt jumps offside. Sledge covered Ingram out 11 yards from the line of scrimmage and gets called for pass interference (bogus call with 20 refs in attendance). After an incomplete pass, Tookes gets a first down on a short pass. Tebow throws behind David Nelson on a deep post pattern. 3rd and long and Lamont Sheppard comes on a corner blitz and sacks Tebow for the end of the series. Win defense.

Walk on Vernon Shelton from PK Yonge and Branden Daniel are the DTs. Manson leads off with a short hard run. Tebow runs a long option right and finally pitches to Kenneth Tookes who jumped into the backfield in the H-back position. The play gets about 10 yards and a first down. Tebow keeper gets three yards for 2nd and 7. Tebow hits Cam Brewer, but Sheppard hits him as the ball arrives and forces an incomplete pass. 3rd and 7 and Tebow completes a pas on the far side of the field. Tebow overthrows on first down. He scrambles on 2nd and gets 1 yard. On Third and Nine Tebow hits Ingram on a crossing pass at about 15 yards and a first down. The ball was tipped lightly at the line but thrown so hard it didn't leave its projected course. Objective complete and a point for the offense.

1st offense vs. 1st defense

Lutrell Alford was covering for Clint McMillan on first team at defensive tackle while still recovering from injury earlier. A deep crossing pattern and play action gets a 16 yard first down to Jemalle Cornelius. Moss sacks Leak on 2nd down. An ugly option between Leak and Boateng draws the ire of Coach Gonzales as Boateng didn't run his option route. . On 3rd and long a slip screen goes for three yards... End of series, and another point for the defense.

At the end of the Drive portion of the scrimmage, the offense is trailing the defense two to six in winning teach drive. One earmark for last season was the fact the offense had to drive for so many plays in order to hit pay dirt. This score on this area reflects the ineffectiveness of last week's scrimmage also. This is something to be concerned about, especially with the lack of defensive tackles participating in practice right now.

The Gators went to a punting segment of practice and neither punter punted the ball very well. However, Eric Nappy hit about a 40 yarder one time that was an absolute curve ball spiral. I have never seen a ball hook like that on a punt and watching the return man try to field it was laughable.

The next Coming Out portion of the scrimmage has one simple goal for the offense. Their only goal is to get one first down and get the team out of really bad field position. With their backs against the wall on first down, the defense has a sure sense the offense will run on first down, so it makes for great strategy.

1st and 10 at the 2 yard line

They squared off the first unit offense against the first unit defense first. On the first play, Billy Latsko gets one hard yard. Clint McMillan was also back in after a slight injury early in practice. On second down Latsko loses 1. On 3rd and 10, Leak hit Ingram for 7 but not enough for first down. That is a point for the defense/

The second time around was a little more favorable for the offense. They went for broke on first down backed up against the goal line on their own two and Leak threw a fade to Jemalle Cornelius. Tremaine McCollum broke it up but came up a little limp. Wynn gets nine yards on second down, and then Wynn makes a backfield cut and gets three yards. The first down resulted in a win for the offense.

The second groups matched up next and a bad snap from Eddie Haupt to Tebow caused him to lose control and chase the ball a bit/ Darryl Gresham and Branden Daniel were in the backfield so fast it wouldn't have mattered. Tebow was sacked for a safety, which resulted in a point for the defense.

The offense made it short and sweet on the next try when Tebow hit David Nelson on a 10 yard slant that got 18 yards on the play and a win for the offense.

The offense and defense went 2-2 in the Coming Out portion of the scrimmage. This was much better for the defense this week than it was last week as the offense owned this portion. Still, the defense led the scrimmage 8-4 by the time this portion of the scrimmage was over.

They practiced kick off returns and again, Jemalle Cornelius, Markus Manson, and Nyan Boateng are the first kick off returners. It seems that Cornelius and Boateng are the best at it.

The next portion of the scrimmage was the third down portion. Again, the goal is simple. The offense is given third down and a distance, they need to get the first down. The ball is placed randomly in the middle of the field, so we are not talking about goal line or backs to the goal line situations. Here is what transpired.


  • (3.10) Leak hits Cornelius for a 15 yard post. Offense win.
  • (3.8) Tebow inserted with the first team for a play skips the ball to Jemalle Cornelius and incomplete. Defense win.
  • (3.5) Leak hits Mike McIntosh who was well covered by Reggie Lewis but hauls it in for a first down. Offense Win.
  • (3.4) Leak rolled out and found Boateng for a medium crosser about 6 yards and a first down. Offense win.
  • (3-2) Wynn powers ahead for three yards and gets a great "atta boy" from Coach Drayton who says, "That's how you lower your pads". Offense win.
  • (3.11) Leak throws an outside pass to Jemalle only where Jemalle can catch it but he can't quite get to it.
  • (3.10) Reggie Lewis gets picked while covering and Jemalle Cornelius runs a post and is wide open for a TD. Offense win
  • (3.5) Cornelius Ingram doesn't realize a pass was intended for him and he is running down field blocking Eric Sledge. The ball falls incomplete and is a win for the defense.

  • (3.3) A terrific fake option to Boateng left and shovel pas inside to Billy Latsko nets about 8 yards. Offense win.
  • (3.1) Markus puts his head down and squirts through a small opening for about three yards and a win for the offense.
The first team offense really did well in the third down portion going 7 for 10. The second groups would have their turn together.
  • (3.9) Tebow lofts an inside screen to Manson that was just a couple of yards shy. Win defense.
  • (3.6) Darryl Gresham dropped into coverage on a zone blitz and tipped Tebow's pass incomplete. Win defense.
  • (3.5) On another great run for Markus Manson, He swept left and gets the first and then cuts back for a really long run. Win offense.
  • (3.4) On a tunnel screen to Kenneth Tookes, Tebow was late on the pass and it fell incomplete. Coach Mullen was all over Tebow for that one. Win defense.
  • (3.2) A Tebow keeper gets about four yards and the first down. Win offense.
  • (3-11) Tebow hits Ingram on an out pass for 7 yards and it was not enough. Win defense.
  • (3.9) Tebow dumps to Manson (his safety valve) but it was not enough yards for first. Win defense.
  • (3.3) Markus Manson takes a short screen up field for about 7 yards. Win offense.

The second offensive group couldn't live up to the first in the third down portion of the scrimmage. However, their three of eight effort wasn't totally damning. Combined the offense was 10 of 18 on third downs, not a bad ratio. They certainly made the overall score of the scrimmage much closer at Defense 16 and Offense 14.

The Red Zone portion of the scrimmage has one goal for the offense. Score a touchdown. The ball is placed at various areas 25 yards or closer to the end zone. The offense is given 1st and 10 and tries to score.

From the 25 yard line, Leak goes for the gusto as he shoots for the front corner of the end zone and Tremaine McCollum out fights Nyan Boateng for the interception and touchback. Win defense.

On the second shot against the first defense, the first offense started with Leak running an option to Jemalle who dropped it and then got ten yards anyway. DeShawn Wynn gets a tough three yards. On third down Leak tries to stop his threw the ball into the dirt. Win defense

After a first down on a third series, Leak scrambles and cuts inside for a TD. They make them go 4th and 1 at the one yard line anyway and Manson takes a handoff, tries to cut inside and gets destroyed by Brandon Siler for a loss of two on the play. Still win offense.

With the second units against each other, Markus Manson gets 8 on first down and then 3 yards on 2nd and 2. Tebow hits Nelson outside who gets three yards. Tebow runs the option with Tookes in the backfield. Tookes running left takes the pitch and cuts inside for a ten yard TD run. Win offense.

The second drive saw Tebow on 1st and 10 get nine yards outside. On second down Javier Estopinan gets in the backfield really fast and brings Manson down from the opposite side and a one yard loss. 3rd and 2 and Ingram catches a ball almost on the ground and gets eight yards. Tookes gets two tough yards on a short pass. Munroe steps up and hits Manson and keeps him from getting anywhere on a run up the middle. Tookes drops a touchdown pass from Tebow in the front right corner of the end zone. Win defense.

On the third drive its 1st and 10 at the 12 and Manson gets five hard yards. Then it is all Manson as he takes the handoff, puts his head down and cuts in traffic for a touchdown. Win offense.

The red zone was another toss up. The offense scored three times while the defense kept them out of the end zone three times. With only one more portion of the scrimmage left the score was defense 19, offense 17

The closing portion of the scrimmage and the offense has One Play to Score. The ball is lined up at the two or three yard line and the offense has to power it in from there.

The fake option shovel worked well earlier and the offense tries it again. Leak runs left and fakes the option, he shovels inside and Brandon Siler bows up DeShawn Wynn for a loss of two yards. Win defense.

From the three yard line again, Darryl Gresham continued his terrific play on the day. Gresham wreaked havoc and stayed home on a reverse to make the tackle in the back field on Nyan Boateng. Win defense.

The staff closed out practice with a field goal try, except the defense was fooled when they faked it and Eric Wilbur took the ball into the end zone for a touchdown.

The defense won the scrimmage 21-17 by my account. I didn't add everything up until I got home and by all means it seemed a fairly even scrimmage, the point scoring solidified that thinking.

Both sides of the ball had their stand outs on the day. Defensively Jarvis Moss was too much to handle and ended up sitting a great deal of the day. I thought Javier Estopinan and Darryl Gresham showed some real play making ability up front. Dorian Munroe impressed in the secondary among the young guys. Brandon Siler was a beast all day. Tremaine McCollum got one and almost had two interceptions on the day.

On offense, Markus Manson was an animal today and DeShawn Wynn ran very well also. That means the offensive line is playing pretty well. Both quarterbacks were strong, with Leak still being way ahead of Tebow. Cornelius Ingram showed more of his star ability and why he will be something fierce to deal with in the future.

All in all it was a scrimmage to be happy about on both sides of the ball for different reasons.

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