SPRING: Day Twelve In-Depth Practice Report

The Gators, coming off a hard hitting scrimmage on Saturday, hit the field in their helmets, shoulder pads and shorts. The implied tackle free practice did not mean it was going to be an easy day on the range. The Gators got a lot of work in, especially in blitz situations where both sides of the ball had their good plays.

We showed you a great deal of the linemen doing a split line drill on our Gator Country video. Without full pads on they tend to let up a little, but for the most part they still bang heads. I really like what I am seeing out of Darryl Gresham these days and it was definitely noticeable in this drill. I think he can provide some help if needed up front at defensive end.


In the pass-skel or 7 on 7 passing situation there were a few highlights to talk about.

Reggie Lewis gathered in an interception when Chris Leak and Louis Murphy weren't on the same page. Reggie Nelson and Dallas Baker were jawing a lot at each other during this session

Again, Pass-skel (7 on 7 passing) is the only drill Jon Demps gets any action in because of his knee injury.

Nyan Boateng made two very nice catch and runs in the pass-skel. Bubba Caldwell and Jemalle Cornelius were both rewarded with long passes when the slot or nickel defender couldn't cover or didn't cover them from the line of scrimmage as they screamed down the hash mark on different plays.

Kickoff Return

The winds were so bad coming out of the south, the first two kickoffs completely died in mid air and landed around the 40 yard line. They decided to turn them around and Jonathan Phillip's first kick in the other direction went way out of the back of the end zone. Louis Murphy looked pretty good returning kick offs today when they were able to get the kicks right.

Team Session

The team session was very long today. There were a lot of highlights. But, as I said last time they were in shorts, it is so hard to gauge this when they aren't in full pads and really knocking at each other and tackling.

Leak and Baker hook up for the first two short passes of the session. On the third play, Jarvis Moss gets in the backfield quick, forces a fumble from Billy Latsko, and then Moss scoops it up to run the other way.

Leak overthrew a slant pass to Dallas Baker on the next play after all kinds of heat was coming from a blitz. The next play there were only three down linemen and Moss dropped into coverage. Anticipating a blitz Leak got rid of the ball much too quickly.

Facing a 2-Man coverage, Leak made a beautiful throw to Dallas Baker on a deep post and the ball arrived on a rope right when Baker made his cut. Baker got both hands on the ball but it fell to the ground. It would have been six points.

The defense is really sniffing out the option-shovel as Jarvis Moss gets an "atta boy" for making the play on Leak and forcing him to shovel early on a couple of shovel passes.

Derrick Harvey was applying the heat a few plays later and Leak steps up and hits Cornelius Ingram for about a 14 yard curl.

Javier Estopinan has been playing better lately and really looking like he can get after the ball. He usually wins one on one hand battles because of his wrestling background. If he works on his quickness he could become a specialized player at defensive end.

Ryan Stamper got to Tim Tebow for a sack when the defense blitzed two linebackers and dropped Darryl Gresham. Stamper comes right back on the next play and sniffs out a screen to Manson and makes the tackle maybe a yard beyond the line of scrimmage.

Moss forces an incomplete pass when he fakes dropping as a linebacker and motors in over the left side of the offensive line untouched. Leak had absolutely no time to do anything on that particular play but get rid of the ball.

Leak picks up the blitz on the next play and hits Tate Casey on a ten yard slant.

Ingram made the play of the day. The offense was in a five wide set with great protection. Ingram ran a 25 yard corner route and Leak hurried from the rush threw it on less of an arc than usual. Ingram reached his big mitt in the air to haul it in with one hand.

Leak sat on the ball too long in a five wide set, the defense brought six and sacked him.

Leak rolled to the left and hit Baker on a 15 yard crosser.

Leak caught the defense in a cover 1 and got Jemalle Cornelius on a rainbow fade down the hash and he was all alone for the touchdown.

Tebow stepped up from a blitz. On a three step run he released an absolute cannon shot that would have hurt Nyan Boateng had he not been wearing shoulder pads.

Staff broke up the team drill and the offense and defense went their own separate ways for a bit. It looked like the secondary was getting some work with all the busted coverages that the offense was burning them on. After about five minutes of that it was back to offense vs. defense again.

First play back and Leak hit Jemalle Cornelius on a 25 yard corner route.

On a handoff and an outside zone running play to the left, Clint McMillan caused enough disruption for Derrick Harvey to get way outside and stop Wynn for a decent sized loss.

Tebow looked natural running the shovel pass to Manson who bounced off of one defender and scooted 60 yards for the touchdown.

On one play the offense went five wide and both receivers on the right ran slants. With the blitz coming, Leak throws a laser shot to Baker, but Tremaine McCollum was right there to break it up.

Baker ran a post corner and the ball was beautifully thrown from Leak on a play that would have netted about 30 yards and almost all through the air.

The offense maximum protected on one blitz late in the team session and Jemalle Cornelius was the benefactor of a sharp Chris leak pass on a deep crossing route. The play would have gone for 20 plus.

Bits and Pieces

The offensive coaches yell for Cornelius Ingram to get out there a lot. It is easy to tell they are trying to use his mismatching physical ability on the field.

The staff calls Lamont Sheppard, "Lito". Lamont is the younger cousin of former gator All-American cornerback Lito Sheppard.

Dorian Munroe slightly tackled Nyan Boateng on one short pass play. Tate Casey didn't like the extra curricular and went after Munroe a little bit. Munroe started back, but Darryon Robinson stepped in and separated them.

Billy Latsko had to do a 100 yards of up downs while cradling the ball for the first fumble by the offense I can remember all spring.

There was a bunch of the 3-3 defense with Jarvis Moss as the middle linebacker. Most of the time he rushed the passer from anywhere on the field, sometimes he dropped into coverage.

Eddie Haupt was having a tough day snapping the ball today. So far it has been a really good spring with not very many bad snaps. Today was the exception from Haupt. Later on, Leak would fumble a good snap and then fumble one from under center too.

Running Back Coach Stan Drayton was all over Eric Rutledge and Latsko for missing blocking assignments in the blitz drills.

Meyer got a little disgusted at the offense in the 7 on 7 running portion of the practice. He made them huddle up before continuing on with practice.

Coach Steve Addazio continues to stay on Carlton Medder trying to make him get better. One guy that hasn't been mentioned since about practice three is Mike McIntosh, I don't think the staff even yells at him anymore.

Linebacker prospect Brandon Hicks from Jacksonville Forrest HS was at practice today

Gator signee Derrick Robinson of Gainesville PK Yonge was also in attendance.

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