SPRING: Day Thirteen In-Depth Report

The Gators were in full pads on Wednesday and although there was a little more contact, it wasn't as full speed as it has been in the early part of spring. With only a few days left until the spring game, the Gators practiced a lot of situational stuff and seemed to be winding it down a notch for the spring.

The defense came ready to rumble as they seemed to take control of most of the match ups on the day. It started in the running drill where the offense with tailback, fullback and tight end went against an eight man front. Here are some of the high lights.

However, the first play was all Leak as he made a great choice of keeping the ball when the defensive ends crashed on the running back.

On the next play, Brandon Siler breaks up the shovel pass on the inside.

On one particular play Derrick Harvey pinched inside and got an "atta boy" from Coach Mattison, the defense piles on DeShawn Wynn in the backfield due to Harvey's handiwork.

Manson took an outside stretch run and cut it back in for a nice gain.

If the offense did have a good session it was in the 7 on 7 or pass-skel drills. Leak and Tim Tebow both looked sharp in the drill.

Leak overthrew Casey on the first play. It was the first offense vs. the second defense.

Dallas Baker caught a 20 yard touchdown post pass from Leak. He beat Lamont Sheppard on the play. The next play Louis Murphy just ran a straight Go route and beat Sheppard on an over the top touchdown throw and catch from Leak.

Leak overthrew Caldwell on a deep corner pass, but it didn't really look like Caldwell was running full speed out there a few times today.

Tebow hit Caldwell on a Go pattern at the goal line against Reggie Lewis and the first team defense for a touchdown.

Louis Murphy caught a nice slant pass form Tim Tebow for about 15 yards.

Leak overthrew Dallas baker on a corner pass that would have scored. Leak had a few over throws today.

One thing definitely different about Leak is he isn't worried so much about touch on the ball as he has been.

Dorian Munroe got stuck trying to cover Dallas Baker and Tebow made a sweet throw leading Dallas perfectly for the touchdown.

Leak leads Baker on a Dig in the middle of the end zone. Baker laid out and one handed the ball for the catch of the day.

Leak hit Ingram in the back corner of the end zone and was covered by Earl Everett. That just isn't going to happen and Earl can cover most of the tight ends out there.

In a short session of full offense vs. defense, the defense won almost every play. There was a very nice counter play that opened a huge hole for Latsko on one, but other than that, the defense dominated. The offense, near the end ran a "keep them honest" play and a mid range crossing pass to Cornelius Ingram. The defense knowing it was the running portion of practice, bit badly and Ingram left everybody in his wake.

There was a offense vs. full defense segment that followed but they were running half speed and no tackling, so to judge and rate it would be fruitless. After that they ran some third down stuff with a little more hitting and the defense still had the upper hand for most of the drill.

On the first pass Leak gets the first pass blocked by a lineman. On the second play Reggie Lewis was all over Louis Murphy and broke up a pass from Leak. Everett blitzes next and tackles the running back behind the line of scrimmage. The rest weren't worth writing but in the first go around with the first defense against the first offense, the defense won every play. It was about an eight play series.

With the second groups Tebow complete the first play for a first down to Cam Brewer with a ten yard hitch route. Tebow followed that with a pass to a crossing Nyan Boateng, but Ryan Stamper sped up and knocked the ball away.

Markus Manson cut back on an option pitch and Ryan Stamper undercut him. Manson got about ten yards, but Stamper just got enough of him to bring him down. A few plays later, Manson takes a handoff and sees nothing. He cuts back behind Tebow who gets out in front and blocks the defensive end, where Manson is able to get about 20 yards on the play.

Another few plays later, Manson cuts back and sees a seam. He gets to the secondary quickly and makes Kyle Jackson miss and goes for about 70 yards.

Darryl Gresham continuing his positive play from the last couple of weeks drops back in coverage on a zone blitz and makes a tackle on Nyan Boateng after a short outlet pass to the sideline.

When the first team gets back up, Leak beams the ball on a hitch route to Tookes who makes space between he and Tremaine McCollum with his route running. When the ball arrives, Tookes makes one little moves and leaves McCollum behind grasping at air. Tookes has done this several times this spring to the cornerbacks.

Ingram on a quick slant gets the ball drilled to him for a ten yard completion and a quick tackle by Ryan Stamper.

DeShawn Wynn shows some deceptive speed on a screen running outside and into the open field until two safeties get him at the same time.

With the second groups back up there, Javier Estopinan gets a quick sack of Tebow on the first play. Two safeties bat the ball in the air on the next Tebow throw.

That was really it for most of the real hitting and getting after it. Even some of what I talked about wasn't really at full speed. The lone major development in the last drill was the first play.

In the last drill of the day, the teams started with the offense backed against the end zone. With no tackling, they were not really full speed. Still, that was no excuse as Leak eyeballed his outside receiver on the right and threw in that direction where Reggie Lewis hauled it in for his second interception of the same kind of play in the last two practices. Lewis would have scored easily. It was enough to miff the offensive coaches who took Leak out and made him watch Tebow move the first offense all the way down the field on the drive.

Leak got to lead the second group on the second series, but was back with the first unit when they went to the third series.

Other stuff…

Terry Jackson and Travis McGriff were in attendance at practice today. The former PK Yonge and Gator stars were not the only Blue Wavers in attendance. PKY Head Coach John Clifford was there with his punter and Moses Parker, the safety that has been talked about on our boards recently.

I'd say Markus Manson and Reggie Lewis were the offensive and defensive players of the practice today.

Despite some f the negative criticism of our message boards here at Gator Country by some that have viewed practice, the offensive line coaches seem to think they have a good unit and should produce accordingly in the fall.

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