Orange and Blue Post Game Quotes

Coach Meyer: "I was enjoying watching Chris Leak and Tim Tebow compete a little bit. We have a serious void at play makers, which we shouldn't have here. We have a freshman class that will have a chance to bye-pass some guys unless we get a little better. Dallas Baker, Bubba (Caldwell) and Jemalle Cornelius are the guys that are proven. Our fourth right now is Cornelius Ingram and he did a good job for us."

(Quotes courtesy UF Sports Info)

Coach Meyer:

On quarterback performance:

"The good thing is that there isn't a quarterback controversy in-house. For Gator fans and college football fans that is a great water-cooler story in the morning. It's also a great discussion upstairs, but Chris Leak is the quarterback and Tim Tebow is going to be the guy that plays. His (Tebow) playing time will be dictated by Tim Tebow. We're going to let him grow as a quarterback. There is no quarterback controversy, we have two great young men that we're going to build an offense around and be successful."

Cornerback Reggie Lewis

On how this year feels compared to last year: "I had a good year to learn and to get better, so I felt very comfortable out there. I feel much more comfortable out there compared to a year ago."

Quarterback Tim Tebow

On encouraging his teammates: "You just try to encourage them and let them know that they can go and make the plays. You just have to treat others the way you would want to be treated. If I made a mistake, I would want someone to encourage me."

Linebacker Brandon Siler

On expectations of the team: "At Florida, we feel like we are a good team. The University of Florida is supposed to win. That's just how it is, and that's why I came here."

Offensive Guard Carl Johnson

On how he can improve: "I have to learn my plays and to read the defense better. You can get confused sometimes when so many people start rushing the passer. You can get lost, but Coach Hevesy and I have been talking on getting more accustomed to seeing what's going to happen before it happens."

Quarterback Chris Leak

On the progression of his spring: "The coaches have all told me that I have been doing a good job out there. I want to keep improving, and I feel much more comfortable right now with my teammates and my coaches. I'm a veteran quarterback surrounded by veteran players, and my goal is for us to win a national championship, just like it is every year. I want to just continue to work with my coaches and keep doing what they tell me to do."

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