TRANSCRIPT: Chat w/ Gator Commit D'Angelo

D'Angelo McCray was gracious enough to join for a moderated chat. Here's our transcript from last night. Stay tuned for more chats down the road!

Ryan Jordan:: Alright I've got DLO on the phone and we're ready for questions!

oldgatorbroad:: DLO did your sub run out?

D'Angelo McCray:: "No, I have my subscription."

TampaGator17:: Hey DLO, long time no see. What's your favorite part of the recruiting process?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Now I dont really a favorite but when it started it was all the text messages."

gataa:: is he recruiting other players?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I try too. I do my best."


D'Angelo McCray:: "I love offense but when it comes down to it I think Im gonna be an defensive player."

guavagator:: D-Lo, do you still get contacted by lots of coaches from other programs?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Umm, yeah. Like this week since the recruiting process opened up, it's been crazy."

EastCobbGator:: Who was the best player he played against last year?

D'Angelo McCray:: "It was supposed to be this dude Rodney Gnat from Wolfson but I didn't think he was that good."

MajorGator:: do you prefer a 4-3 or 3-4 and have you ever thought of playing any 3-4 D?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I like the 3-4 but we dont run it."

BrowardCoGator:: D-LO, do you see your self and d-end or d-tackle?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Whew, Im an end. I dont like all that getting cut blocked and stuff but I'll play it if I have to."

gataa:: Anyone u think u got commin to are side?

GatorFromTheStart:: DLO, did you get a chance to talk with the other 3 Gator commitments yet?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Yeah I talk to them like every other night. I got to meet all the guys."

BocaGtr66:: DLO what team do you look forward to Playing against and beating?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Oohh. It will probably be Miami when they get on the schedule."

BrowardCoGator:: D-Lo, what do you consider the biggest strengths in your game on the d-line?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I can get off the ball. Get off blocks pretty well. Just need to keep learning."

BrowardCoGator:: D-Lo, do you like that we play big ends now like Cohen and McDonald?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Yeah. I really like that because I'm a big DE too."

guavagator:: D-Lo, have the coaches told you what they'd like you to weigh in at by the time you get to campus?

D'Angelo McCray:: "They'd like me to lose 10lbs and then they said they'd even put me in on some offensive plays. Defensively, Im alright"

RCBGATOR:: When will you be back in Gainesville?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Im going back May 20th for the Nike camp."

BrowardCoGator:: D-Lo, who are some guys you believe will be joining you in the Gators 2007 recruiting class?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Well, I got three guys already but they haven't gotten the offer yet. Van Dyke, Charlton Sinclair, and this kid Brandon Hicks from Jacksonville."

D'Angelo McCray:: "Van Dyke will probably get that offer first because he's fast and they can work with him."

EastCobbGator:: DLO, what sports do you like other than football?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I used to play basketball until me and the coach got into it so I left it alone. I used to run with the track team too just to stay in shape."

bassman247:: What about Armando Allen and Easterling at RB ? You talk to them lately ?!!

D'Angelo McCray:: "No. Sidell had talked to the Allen kid and I just heard through some sources that Easterling wants to stay down south because he has some things with his family."

gataa:: Do u feel we are putting together the best D line in the nation?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I think so. Cause I know Texas got a bunch but were getting there. Trying to see how many I can get out of that top 100."

guavagator:: Of the high school offensive linemen you've played against, are there any that stand out to you?

D'Angelo McCray:: "A dude from Fletcher that wore 66 was pretty good. He was a good lineman."

bassman247:: What is Deonte Thompson telling you, and when do you think he may become a Gator ?!

D'Angelo McCray:: "Deonte told me straight up he was a Florida boy so it was gonna be either Florida or Miami. They're coming to the state track meet up here tomorrow so I'm gonna take him around town."

D'Angelo McCray:: "Van Dyke will hang out with us also."

gatortrav54:: u said there was no way john brown would be a nole...who gets him?

D'Angelo McCray:: "John Brown to Florida, Miami or Ole Miss."

bassman247:: DLO, how many Gator games have you been to, and which ones were they ?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I have never been to a game but I went to a pregame the past few years when they played Georgia."

D'Angelo McCray:: "I've only been to one college game and that was the ACC championship."

BrowardCoGator:: D-Lo, what Gator games are you coming to this year?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Im gonna go to the Auburn game, the LSU game and I think they play Alabama at home also.:"

BrowardCoGator:: "D-Lo, any prediction there on Brown.. and Torrey Davis?

D'Angelo McCray:: "Whew.. I know Florida is after Torrey real hard but I dont know what he wants to do."

HughGator:: DLO, who do you want to join you on the D-line

D'Angelo McCray:: "I want that kid Ian from what they say."

D'Angelo McCray:: "I wish we could get Van Dyke also. I been talking to Meyer about him."

BrowardCoGator:: D-Lo, what kind of movies and music do you like?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I watch the movie Friday like once a week. I'm serious."

D'Angelo McCray:: "My girlfriend gets mad because Im always watching it.'

D'Angelo McCray:: "The only thing you do in JAX is stay home because there's like 58 murders already so I just chill at the house."

SeanyMac:: Anything the coaches want you to work on before you arrive on campus?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I hope I drop these 10lbs so I can show them I play TE."

EastCobbGator:: DLO, do you prefer to play against the run or to pass rush?

D'Angelo McCray:: "I like to pass rush and get a couple of sacks."

BrowardCoGator:: D-Lo, who is your favorite character? Smokey is awesome

D'Angelo McCray:: "Smokey is my favorite probably."

Ryan Jordan:: Im gonna wrap this up..

D'Angelo McCray:: "Just tell them we gonna get that #1 recruiting class."

Ryan Jordan:: I'd like to thank D'Angelo McCray:: for being our guest tonight as well as all those who submitted questions…

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