Q&A with Jerry Odom

[MEDIA:32872]<BR><B>Jerry Odom</B> was a star linebacker at Florida from 1987-1991. After stints as an Arena Football player and a high school coach, he returned to his Alma Mater becoming a full-time linebacker coach in 2001. The defense, led by Andra Davis, immediately returned to the top of the SEC. In 2002, he along with a new staff, will try to take it to another level, while he also adds the responsibility of being the Special Teams Coordinator.

Brady Ackerman:  What are you doing this summer?
Jerry Odom: Working, actually we have a new child so a little family time as well.  I am not very good at golf so other than Gator Clubs I don't play much.

  BA:  How much time are you spending on Linebackers and how much on Special Teams?
JO:  About 50-50, I love to work and my job is my hobby so I have really submerged myself into watching a lot of film and finishing our special teams playbook.  We can watch film on our laptop so I can take it home and spend some quality time at home and still get a little tape in.

  BA:  How important is Summer B?
JO:  Very critical because the next stop is a 13-15 week trip of football.  Rob Glass does a great job with helping the guys reach peak condition for camp.

  BA:  Are you able to see your guys?
JO:  Briefly to say hello.   My guys are good about coming by and letting me know how school and weights are going.  Plus, we keep constant contact with Rob and his staff.

BA:  What do you tell your guys during summer B?
JO:  Take care of your business...get your grades right, get in great shape and come to camp with no distractions.  We are going on a journey and to be successful we must be ready to go.

  BA:  How important is it to be physically ready?
JO:  Very, but I believe the mental side is very underrated.  My guys do a good job watching film on their own and that is very important.

  BA:  Will Travis Harris be with you at outside linebacker?
JO:  Yes, Travis will work on the outside with Bam, Nattiel and Todd McCollough.  We also expect to have Dwright Jackson back as well to be at full strength come fall.

  BA:  Do you like your depth?
JO:  We don't have much but we do have quality individuals who work hard, are coachable, and want to get better everyday.

  BA:  Is July a tough month on coaches?
JO:  Not really... I mean we are ready and could go practice tomorrow if we had to but their is that sense of excitement that the fall is right around the corner.  I am just trying to juggle time with my family and fall preparation.  I tend to get tunnel vision when the season begins.

  BA:  Do you read pre-season magazines or Internet sites?
JO: Of course not.

BA:  What about not being in the Top 5 or even picked as SEC Champions?
JO:  Well magazines are great for fans and you guys, but it is pure conjecture.  Last year, they picked Mississippi St. to win the West and one publication had Oregon St. to win it all.  With our schedule and the SEC, we just need to take care of our business and we will be fine.

  BA:  So you do read the magazines?
JO:  Just a quick glance when I am a little bored.

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