A few minutes with Chris Leak

When Chris Leak signed with Florida in 2003, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. Three systems later and Leak has finally gotten a second year in the same offense with the same coach. The experience is proving to be that missing ingredient, and Chris is poised for a big senior year this fall.

JR: As the leader of this offense, how do you feel it's coming together?

CL: I feel a real confidence in a lot of these guys out there. They've got a lot of confidence in themselves. We're just really excited about this season and trying to get better every day.

JR: What's your schedule like with spring practice done?

CL: Just going into summer, we gotta work every day on just getting bigger, stronger, and faster. It's always a challenge and the strength coaches have always done a great job of getting us prepared for the season.

JR: How do you feel about your offensive line right now? Is it coming together?

CL: Oh definitely; especially Rissler, our center. He's done an awesome job with those guys and leading them. He's a senior center, and he's definitely done an excellent job in my opinion. My hat's off to them and the offensive line.

JR: You seem a lot more comfortable out there this year, and it shows in your accuracy. Has the big difference been getting used to the system? I know this time last year you were worried about learning another offense rather than fine-tuning it.

CL: I mean experience always helps; especially being a quarterback. The more you see things and the more reps you get, the better you're going to perform on the field. It definitely helps to have the same guys out there and gets everything going a little faster.

JR: There's been a lot of criticism on this offense's short and quick style this spring. What do you say to someone that wants to see more of the deep ball in this offense?

CL: Well, I would definitely say that we're fine-tuning this offense and as our guys become more comfortable and experienced with practice, it's something you'll see more of. The deep ball is something we do work on in practice and we'll continue to work on it because it will keep the defenses honest.

JR: What's it been like having your brother C.J. out there on the practice field with you?

CL: Oh it's been awesome. I feel confident everyday with him on the field out there. He's like my eyes in the skies, always sitting back watching and seeing if there's anything I can improve on.

JR: He throws a pretty good ball out there for an old-timer graduate...

CL: (Laughing) Oh yeah...I mean, he's the one who taught me how to throw, so I've always tried to imitate him when I was little. That's where I learned all my skills.

Chris has been very comfortable on the practice field this spring and is incredibly accurate. He's stepped up as the vocal leader on this offense and is doing everything within his power to make this passing game efficient.

Leak has been criticized in the past for locking on to receivers and telegraphing where he's throwing the ball. With this offense working on the shorter and quicker routes, that's become less of a factor this spring because the ball is getting off a lot faster. He appears to be making smarter reads as well, so unless it's a designed QB keeper or draw, he seems to be making good decisions with the option and distributing it to the open back. It appears this offense has become well-adapted to Leak's talents at this stage in the game.

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