RECRUITING: WR Brooks gets offer from Gators

With 14 offers from some of the country's top programs, it is easy to say that Irving (Texas) wide receiver/defensive end Ron "Hollywood" Brooks (6-0, 170, 4.5) is definitely getting the star treatment. Just when he thought it couldn't get any better, enter USC…"Hollywood" has a realistic shot at Hollywood and has received an offer from the Florida Gators as well.

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"I got a call from USC last night and they asked me how I would feel about an offer, would I take it…would I maybe want to commit? I told them there was a very strong possibility I would," said Brooks, of MacArthur High School. "I was shocked…I couldn't believe it. I didn't even think they knew about me. They said they were going to try to come by my school today (5/4) to talk with my coach, but he wasn't there, so I don't know if they did (offer) or not. They said they were looking at me for either wide receiver or defensive back…they haven't decided.

"I love the Trojans. I've never been there, but I've watched them on TV a lot. I really was impressed after seeing them against Texas last year. USC is a powerhouse that will be around for a long time. I love that there is so much tradition and excellence there. If they offer, I'd be out there in a minute to visit the campus. They have always been on my list, but the offer would move them close to number one--if not number one."

One of the top prospects in the Lone Star State, Brooks already holds offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Florida, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa, Iowa State, Texas A&M, LSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Purdue. His latest offers are from Texas Tech and Michigan State.

"My favorites right now are Texas, LSU, Florida, A&M, Oklahoma and now USC," Brooks said. "Texas (and USC) hasn't offered yet. I talked to the Texas coaches today and they said they haven't offered yet because they're still evaluating me…but that I'm a high priority for them.

"I like LSU a lot. I have family down there. I really like the campus and the area. My chemistry teacher went there and she told me what a great school it is for academics too. The facilities are really nice and the coaches seem really great.

"Florida offered me about a month ago. They also offered me for wide receiver. I've never been there, but I'm planning to take a visit there soon. Florida is such a great program; with such great coaches…it's an honor that they want me. I've been watching the Gators on TV for a long time, so I'm really looking forward to my visit.

"A&M is also high up on my list," Brooks said. "I haven't been to the campus yet, but I've heard from my coach how crazy it is. The facilities, the campus, everything is supposed to be so nice there. The campus is about a four hour drive from my house, so I'm planning a going to see it for myself soon.

"Oklahoma was my first offer. I went down there for a visit and I loved it. The atmosphere was indescribable. Everything on the campus was so convenient and easy to get to. There is all this help for the players. The stadium and facilities were amazing. I'll more than likely take an official there.

"I want a place where I feel comfortable. Also, I don't want to redshirt my freshman year and the school has to offer a good business or computer science program. I'm hoping to visit every school I have an offer from so I can learn as much as I can about each one before I make a decision."

Brooks reports a 3.0 core GPA and will take his first SAT on May 7.

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