A few minutes with WR David Nelson

This spring has been especially valuable for some of Florida's younger wide-receivers like Nyan Boateng, David Nelson, and Louis Murphy. With some injuries during the spring to the starters, lot of the younger receivers have been given the opportunity to get plenty of reps to prove themselves. Up and coming WR David Nelson talks about his spring experience.

JR: Who would you say has been the biggest surprise in your opinion this spring?

DN: One guy that nobody really knew anything about was Cornelius Ingram. They knew he was a quarterback and knew he had the athletic ability, but nobody knew he could play receiver. He's come in, he's taken charge, and made some big plays for us in the scrimmages. He's still got some things to learn. It's a very complex system. But he's getting there. Right now he's going on athletic ability, and he's doing a great job.

JR: How much have the other receivers, including yourself, contributed to him coming along so fast?

DN: A lot. There's only so much the coaches can do. There are 14 or 15 wide-receivers. You can't coach all of them at the same time. So whenever Coach G. (Coach Billy Gonzales) is coaching somebody else and C.I. has a question, then he asks one of the guys that plays his position. So we're always helping him out.

JR: With the fast paced tempo of these practices out here in the 80-90 degree heat, did you make a ton of progress as far as your conditioning from the beginning to end of spring?

DN: I don't know if I'd say I'm in better shape now than I was at the end of the season, because the season is a lot more conditioning than this is right here. In the spring it's more of just getting your fundamentals down and learning the system and what you've got to do. I'd say I'm in pretty good shape because I've gotten a lot of reps. Of course, Dallas has already established himself as our go-to guy and a lot of upperclassmen have established themselves, so they're trying to find some younger guys to do that and they're giving us a chance. So it's obviously a great opportunity for me because I've gotten a lot more reps, which I appreciate very much. I'd say we're in pretty good shape.

JR: What would you say at this point in the game about our quarterbacks Chris Leak and Tim Tebow?

DN: Leak's going to be a first-round draft pick. Definitely he's got the talent. He's more vocal now. I like the way he's leading the offense, and he's just a great quarterback. Tebow's coming along. I feel comfortable with him as my quarterback. We're going to be here four years together, so me and him have to establish a routine and get going. But obviously he's got great talent, and he's going to be a great quarterback for us.

JR: Do you feel that this style of offense has been adapted well to compliment Leak?

DN: I think so. The coaches are doing a great job of tailoring this offense to him and his skills. I'm not going to say he's the best runner, but he's very quick and agile. The coaches are doing a great job of tailoring it to the things he does well.

JR: How much would you say has changed from last year's playbook?

DN: We're doing a lot more with three-wide and a tight end; with Tate in the game at tight end. We'll put C.I. in there as a split tight end, where he's not down and he's not attached. So we're doing a lot more where instead of last year where we ran a lot of four and five wide, we're running more three-wide and a tight end, or three-wide with a tight end unattached, which would be C.I. I think when Bubba gets healthy, we'll mix in a lot more where we'll have four and five wide, and get things back going to where we'd like to be.

David has definitely shown signs of improvement this spring, and although he's got the talent and athletic ability to start at many D-1 programs, the depth at the receiver position has suddenly created some tough competition at Florida. One thing about Nelson that separates him from the rest of the receivers is his maturity. The red-shirt last year might have been the best thing this coaching staff could have done to help him learn and grow faster. The coaches were very close to burning it when they struggled with injuries, but they rolled the dice and Nelson now has four years of potential starter status and a huge leg up on his competition. He will see plenty of action this fall.

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