RECRUITING: Davis Doesn't Understand The Fuss

At 6-5, 283, Torrey Davis is an imposing figure whether it's on the football field where he's a dominating, explosive defensive tackle or in the hallways of Armwood High School in Seffner. Players of his size and caliber are hard to come by yet Davis seems quite surprised at all the attention he's getting these days during the spring evaluation period. Every day it seems there is a new coach on hand to watch him practice and the offers keep pouring in.

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He's flattered by all the attention but he's just trying to keep a level head about it and go about life as normally as possible, which means working hard in the classroom and working hard at practice.

"I really don't know how many offers I have," Davis said. "Some that have offered me are Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, West Virginia, and UCF.

"I didn't know I was going to be this sought after. I really didn't know. My coaches did tell me my freshman year that I would be an all-American but I thought they were just telling me that."

And the schools are sending in the big dogs early. Some of the more notable head coaches from around the south have made their way to Seffner to watch Davis this spring.

"Mike Shula was here last Monday," David said. "He is real nice and I like him. Tuesday Urban Meyer was here. To me, he is kind of like a celebrity so when you see someone spend this amount of time trying to get to you that means a lot. For me, I don't see a lot of people like that."

The Davis family has plenty of experience in the recruiting process. Torrey's older brother, Aaron Davis, signed with Bowling Green on national signing day in 2005. There is a very special bond between the two brothers.

"My brother Aaron Davis goes to Bowling Green University," he said. "He is more like my daddy. I don't treat him like a brother."

With all of the hoopla with recruiting in high gear during this May evaluation period, Davis has already trimmed his favorite's list down to five. Georgia was his favorite team when he was growing up but Davis said he really hasn't followed college football all that long.

"I really didn't keep up much with football when I was young," he said. "I only started playing because my family saw me getting so big and they told me to go do something with my size."

Now Davis has to pay attention because of all the attention the big schools are giving him.

"My top five are Florida, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia, and Ohio State," he said.

He shared what he likes about each school:

FLORIDA: "I have a cousin, Andre Caldwell. He is in my family by marriage. His older brother Reche also went there. So, all I heard coming up is about the Gators. They are a good team so I started liking them a lot. They also need a lot of defensive linemen.

"Stan Drayton is recruiting me. I like him. He tells me what I need to do. There is no B.S. A lot of these coaches will just tell you things and you have to figure out what is true or not. I also like Coach (Greg) Mattison and he wants me to come play defensive line for him real bad.

FLORIDA STATE: "They put out some good defensive linemen. I think I have a chance to have an early impact there."

CLEMSON: "I like the recruiting coach, defensive line Coach Rumph. I told him that I was focused on my grades and was not interested at one time. He still stayed interested and kept on wanting to talk to me. Someone like that, wanting to talk to me will get my vote any day."

GEORGIA: "I liked Georgia growing up. They have had a lot of good defensive linemen like David Pollack They have always been good, so that why I like them."

OHIO STATE: "They have a lot of good players. I look at when people come out of high school and they do their four years, are they successful. At Ohio State, none of them are bad."

Davis is a busy young man these days. He's working hard to be a solid student athlete so he can play football at the next level. It's obvious that his football skills have caught everybody's attention. What has to make the coaches that are recruiting him happy is to see the work he's putting in on the academic side.

"School is going good," he said. "I am just concentrating on classes and trying to get my work done. Right now I am finishing my project for English class. It's an essay on Shakespeare and I have to have a visual aid for it. I am also taking a couple of classes to help me pass the college entrance exams, math on Saturdays and English on Tuesdays.

Torrey Davis is planning on making his collegiate decision before the start of his high school football season. Meanwhile, as college coaches roam the hallways and practice field sidelines at his school and send him plenty of text messages, Davis will just go about his business. He's happy for the attention but still doesn't understand why all the fuss.

Davis is planning on participating in the All-American Combine in Boca Raton on May 13th.

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