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My weekly blurbs begins post Independence Day and will run through football season. I will offer my commentary on college football and leave a few "snippets" for you as well. My first installment includes my pre-season All-American Team and much, much more.... In my house the fourth of July signifies the end of the post football season and begins the true pre-season.

Running off at the keypad...

Essentially, all the college football magazines are now out on the stands (except for Sports Illustrated, who I predict will pick FSU as the number one team) and I have assembled a consensus ranking for the Florida Gators. It is number six.  Not bad considering two publications have them twelve and ten. This would be a great place to start, but my gut tells me the national polls will have them at number eight.  But the influence of the pre-season magazines is felt because those who vote, including coaches, are all reading them. The polls are important because the higher you are the more margin of error you have for the BCS Title game (see Nebraska 2001).  Florida's highest ranking was number four by Football Action magazine. My favorite is the Sporting News.  It has Georgia winning the SEC, which is it's only drawback.  Also according to the Sporting News, UF will play four top seven teams. 

Summer in July is a good time for coaches, because all of their players and signees are in school working out voluntarily with the strength staff.  This means two things... they don't have to worry about "off the field problems" back home and they are priming the pump for two a days. The NCAA is looking at outlawing the "supervised voluntary" workouts.  Good move NCAA.  Maybe someone will get caught on the machine without a qualified instructor and injure themselves for ever!   Geez... how about working on a playoff system?

Texas is the consensus number one in all the magazines by a nose.  The big question is can Chris Simms handle the job? This year I think so because Mack Brown has running back Cedric Benson (photo above

Toughest schedule in the country...try Texas Tech.  They play Ohio State, Ole Miss, NC State, Texas A&M, Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma...

Early trend upset picks....Louisville at home vs FSU, Utah at Michigan, Marshall at Virginia Tech. and UCF at Penn St. I like at least one to happen..

Now for my pre-season All American Team...

(QB) Rex Grossman (photo above) (Florida)
(RB) Anthony Davis (Wisconsin)
(RB) Cedric Benson (Texas)
(WR) Roy Williams (Texas)
(WR) Fred Gibson (Georgia)
(WR) Kelley Washington (Tennessee)
(TE)Trent Smith (Oklahoma)
(C) Brett Romberg (Miami)
(OG) Montrae Holland (FSU)
(OG) Ben Johnson (Wisconsin)
(OT) Steve Sciullio (Marshall)
(OT) Mike Saffer (UCLA)

(DL) William Joseph (Miami)
(DL) Darnell Dockett (FSU)
(DL) Ian Scott (photo above) (Florida)
(DL) Tommie Harris (Oklahoma)
(LB) E.J. Henderson (Maryland)
(LB) Victor Hobson (Michigan)
(LB) Jonathan Vilma (Miami)
(DB) Rashad Faison (South Carolina)
(DB) Guss Scott (Florida)
(DB) Derrick Strait (Oklahoma)
(DB) Nathan Vasher (Texas)
(K) Damaon Duval (Auburn)
(P) Freddie Capshaw (Miami)

My first five on the bubble... (DE) Jerome McDougle (Miami), (QB) Byron Leftwich (Marshall), (QB) Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech), (WR) Andre Johnson (photo below (Miami), (LB) Bradie James (LSU)... Next Gator... (WR) Taylor Jacobs.

Snippets and Tidbits
Gator Summer workout warriors have been Clint Mitchell, Bam Hardmon, Aaron Walker, Max Starks, and Mike Nattiel.  All are having real good summers and look to make huge impact on August 9th when camp starts...  The next six weeks is most important for one particular group - wide receivers.  They will be throwing and catching with Rex and must get on the same page and develop confidence.  Reggie Vickers is not going to have surgery and I am not sure that is a good idea.  He may play this fall but don't count on him to be the number two guy... Kenny Parker is healthy and ready to go this fall.  But he will get injured again and I would not count on him to be a major factor. Reason, back is  too fragile...  Vernell Brown will play offense...  Travis Harris will stay at outside linebacker...  Larry Kendrick will be a major contributor at safety and on special teams... Dallas Baker will be on the team and in school this fall... Basketball Oriene Greene, who transferred to Louisiana Lafayette, will still average 5 points a game...  Teddy Dupay will sign with Utah's summer team and Udonis Haslem will play over seas.  Which is too bad because he can play for someone...  Baseball loses Soberaj and with the others gone that leaves Pat McMahon with a totally different looking  team for next year.  One thing is for sure, they will recruit and are already on the short list for top junior Ryne Malone out of P.K. Yonge.

Finally, coming up in th

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