Gator Commitments Have Tough Weekend

Florida's coaching staff got a little bit of a scare this weekend when D'Angelo McCray and Sidell Corley, a couple of early commitments to the recruiting class of 2007, had to spend a little bit of time in emergency care. Everybody is breathing a lot easier today. Gator Country talked to both McCray and Corley and it's safe to report that the two big defensive linemen will be just fine.

(Sidell Corley and D'Angelo McCray profiles)

Corley, from Mobile (AL) McGill-Toolen started at defensive end in a spring game against Hoover, Alabama, the number five ranked team in the country. Corley came out of the blocks fast, forcing a fumble just 10 seconds into the game. One of his teammates scooped up the loose ball and rambled in for a touchdown. That was the highlight of the game for Corley, who was on the sideline after perhaps only 10 plays.

"I think I played about ten plays," he said. "After that, I passed out on the field. I have had the flu for about a week. I'm a little weak but am all right. I lost like 10 pounds already."

Head Coach Urban Meyer and Co-Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison made the trip up to see Corley play but missed his performance. They were able to catch what was going on and pass on some encouragement.

"The Gator coaches were there like five minutes after I passed out," he said. "My dad's a coach so they talked to him and told me to take care and be strong. They called back today."

He is recovering quickly but was advised to stay a second night in the hospital and get his strength and fluids back. In the meantime he has been hearing from a lot of people wishing him well.

"I stayed last night and again tonight (Sunday) in the hospital," he said. "A lot of my friends from around different schools have been calling and checking in on me."

Corley will be visiting Gainesville again in early June.

D'Angelo McCray, the big defensive end from Jacksonville Jackson, was in Gainesville for a combine when he had his brush with injury. He played on the injury for a while, but it slowed him a bit. Still, he had no idea to what extent the injury was until he rested a bit.

"When I was running routes my foot got into one of those places on the field where the guys running wore down the field," he started. "I felt it a little bit, but not a lot until I got all the way home and lay down. After I lay down for a bit it was really swollen. It turns out I almost tore my meniscus."

He had the knee examined at the hospital where doctors have said the knee will be just fine with minimal care.

"They got all the fluid out of my knee and it feels better," he said. "I just have to keep icing it and I will be good to go in about three weeks."

When you are big time star like McCray, the little guys always seem to want a piece of you. McCray doesn't want to hurt anyone, but he isn't going to take any lip either.

"There was some dude from Washington, DC that was at defensive end," he said. "I was playing a little offensive line and he called me out, like he wanted a piece of me. When I got over there, he didn't say anything, and he was all the way in the back. He came all the way to the front to take me on. I was like ‘this little kid, oh man.' I just pushed him down. They had me with the best offensive linemen and defensive linemen."

Certain internet "writers" are busy questioning McCray's loyalty to Florida. Never mind that he has been busy recruiting kids to be Gators. Never mind that he has been to the Gator campus numerous times already. Never mind that he frequents the Gator message boards on Gator Country. McCray wants to take a couple of visits, but insists that he is committed to the Gators and will be.

"This Friday one guy (from another network) asked me a couple of questions," he said. "He asked me two questions about myself. They wanted to know what my plans for the season and if I was going to take my visits?"

In true form to guys from that other place, they decided they would do a little ad lib on his statements. According to McCray, "The rest they just filled in."

"I just want to take a trip to California," he said. "The coach out there doesn't care if I am committed they just want me to come take a look. The Florida Coaches are okay, too, they told me to go take the visit. I am also going to go to FSU and visit when they play against Florida. I am good friends with J.R. Bryant."

Indeed his commitment to Florida has not stopped big time schools from keeping in touch with him.

"Notre Dame, FSU, and Ole Miss are all on me hard," he said. "FSU told me I was fourth on their list, but the top two don't have grades, so they came after me. Coach McHale is telling me that."

McCray is a big time player and who knows exactly where he will end up on the defensive line, but he certainly has the Ray McDonald look about him to be a big strong side defensive end. He is lean in the middle with big legs that allow him to use his drive to move quickly and penetrate. Surprisingly enough he tipped the scales Saturday at the most ever for him.

"I weighed in at 289," he said. "My coach told me that he was surprised that I weighed that much. I don't know how I gained that weight during spring practice."

Sidell Corley and D'Angelo McCray are two key pieces in the recruiting puzzle the Gators are putting together for 2007. The process will be a long one with some guys taking visits and some getting hurt along the way. Hopefully for Gator fans, these two will be in Gainesville by January learning the rope of the University of Florida with an early start.

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