Lipsey Looks Sensational

On film, <B>Jordy Lipsey</B> simply looks sensational. The senior from Altamonte Springs (Fla.) Lake Brantley High School is the number one center prospect in America. He flat out manhandled FSU signee Chris Anderson last season. Lipsey reminds me of LSU sophomore Ben Wilkerson.

Jordy Lipsey is a five star center prospect from Lake Brantley High School near Orlando, Florida. He looks outstanding on film. Lipsey is quick off the ball, very strong, relentless, aggressive, and fast for a big man. Once he locks his hands on you the game is over. If there is a man over him, he will drive him off the ball. If Lipsey has to seek out the linebacker, he will drive him out of the play. 

On the film I watched, he pancaked Chris Anderson (FSU signee) from Mandarin High School five times. He overpowered and frustrated the bigger All-American. Against smaller defensive linemen and linebackers, Lipsey is quick enough to handle them quite easily in the trenches. Against the 300 plus pounders, Lipsey is strong enough to take them completely out of the play. Overall, Jordy Lipsey looks to be a super center prospect.

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