RECRUITING: Aiken Is Picture of Versatility

Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna's Kamar Aiken is one of the most versatile athletes in the country. He plays wide receiver and safety in high school but he's not sure where he will play on the collegiate level. Florida has offered Aiken a scholarship but it's evident that even the Gator coaching staff isn't sure where he will line up when he steps on a college football field.

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The team that seems to be recruiting Aiken the hardest is the University of Florida. Almost every morning Aiken is awaken by a text message from the Gators' relentless south Florida recruiter, John "Doc" Holliday.

"I am hearing from Florida the most," said Aiken. "The rest are all about even. Doc Holliday texts me just about every day. It's just a Gator wake up call."

Aiken says that there is no doubt the Gators like him but adds that they also see him as an athlete versatile enough that he could be a weapon that could be used on both sides of the ball.

"The Gators said I can play both ways," Aiken said. "They said the problem is that they don't where to put me. I think that is a good thing. I'm not sure where I want to play but I could play both."

Although he doesn't list a favorite position, Aiken thinks he is better on offense right now. His size helps him a great deal.

"I think I am a better receiver and I can block and catch," he said. "I am 6-2 and 205 right now. My coach wants me to gain a little more and I will. Spring just ended and I lost some weight."

It's not just the Florida Gators that are working hard to get Aiken to come take a look at their campus. The letters fill up his mail box every day and he's got his fair share of offers. Even though he hasn't a solid favorite right now, he knows what he is looking for.

"I am pretty open right now," he said. "I haven't made any kind of list yet. I have a big list. Playing time and education is about it. I want to major in criminal justice."

He likes the overall environment at Florida but one plus Florida may have in recruiting Aiken is that Holiday also coaches the safeties at Florida.

"Their team is like a family environment," he said. "I went to Gainesville for the spring game with my teammates. The coaches are great. If I were to play safety there, Doc is a cool coach."

School is done for his junior year and it is about time for him to settle down into a workout program designed specifically for the positions he plays. He had a good junior year and looks forward to what lies ahead.

"I did pretty well this past year and way better than my sophomore year," he said. "I took the SAT. I didn't do so well but I am taking it again on Saturday. I like history the most. I am going to work out with my receiver coach. We are all off from it right now, but we will start individual lifting in a few weeks.

South Florida is a hotbed of recruiting talent almost every year and 2007 seems to be a particularly strong year in terms of quantity and quality. The Gators are hitting this area very hard and Kamar Aiken is high on their wish list. He's one of the premiere athletes in the state and one of Florida's premiere recruiting targets.

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