RECRUITING UF, UGa Will Make Gray's Final Cut

Logan Gray might be the busiest guy on the 2007 recruiting circuit. The talented quarterback out of Columbia (MO) Rock Bridge has already made a couple of the top combines including one out of state and he's got a full camp schedule ahead of him. If you check the practice field after school, you'll find him out there working hour after hour with his receivers.

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It's a labor of love for the 6-2, 175 pound Gray and one that he seems to have a real handle on.

"We don't have spring ball in Missouri," Logan Gray said. "We have non-pad days where we throw and stuff. We do it like Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. We do that all spring and then so some camps in the summer. We are going to Vanderbilt's team camp. Then we go to Missouri's camp, we do that every year.

"I went to two combines, one in Gainesville (FL) and one in Kansas City (MO). I went to a few of junior days at Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa and went to spring games at Georgia, Missouri, and Kansas State."

With that schedule, it is a wonder he can get any work done towards his high school diploma. A lot of kids would be spread too thin but Gray seems to have a handle on it all.

"Its tough but I have to keep up in the class room," he said. "But, I have a 3.0 GPA I am probably best in math. I took the ACT and got a 20 on it. I will probably take it again and get a little higher on it."

His competitiveness looks to be on the field as well as in the class room and is why a lot of big time programs are after Gray. He has numerous offers but there are eight schools in particular that have earned his interest.

"Florida, Georgia, Cal, Auburn, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Tennessee, and Missouri are the schools at the moment I am taking a hard look at," he said. "Florida and Georgia are recruiting me the hardest. South Carolina has been picking it up a little lately. The recruiting was going heavy before the combine in Gainesville but there has been more and more ever since then."

Don't look for Gray to make a rush decision and have the recruiting process over any time soon. This signal caller is going to take in everything he can before he makes a decision that will go a long way toward shaping the rest of his life.

"It will probably be a little while before I make a decision," he said. "It all happens so fast and all these colleges coming around. I was hoping to make my decision before the season, but I think I will just narrow it down to three or five games. I will get a chance to see some schools on game day by taking visits."

Right now, two Southeastern Conference rivals have a bit of an upper hand. They will both get official visits.

"Florida and Georgia will for sure will be in the final five," he said. "I am not sure about anyone else."

The Gators have a lot to offer Gray and he knows a great deal about the situation down in Gainesville. His recent combine experience as well as the layover sat well with the big time quarterback.

"I liked Gainesville and had a really good time," he said. "I got to hang around Coach (Urban) Meyer and everything like that but I liked getting a feel for the city and the campus too. I got to meet Chris Leak, Jemalle Cornelius, and Tate Casey. I ended up clicking the most with Tate. He is from Texas. He was really cool and said that Coach Meyer really cares about his players."

Florida has made it clear to Gray that he's one of their top recruiting targets.

"They like that I am a good passer and a good runner," he said. "They say I fit real well with the spread offense they are running. They have a good situation, when Chris Leak graduates they have only one QB on scholarship. I like it."

He also compares himself to one of Meyer's former pupils. This suits him well for his own high school offense and that of the Gators.

"I think I am kind of similar to Alex Smith," he said. "I may be more elusive. I am not trying to say I am better than him, he is miles ahead. I just think my style is similar to his. Our offense is kind of like Cal and kind of like Florida. We run the shotgun but run the ball a little more. We also get under the center a little bit."

Gray also discussed the other teams he was interested in.

GEORGIA: "I really like Coach (Mark) Richt. All the coaches down there seemed like good people. That is really important with guys I am going to spend four years with getting me ready for football and for life. They also compete not only for SEC but national titles."

CALIFORNIA: "I just started talking to Coach (Jeff) Tedford and I really just like talking to him. He has had like 10 quarterbacks drafted to the NFL and six first round draft picks."

AUBURN: "They have a pretty good quarterback situation down there also. It's a good school. They went undefeated a couple of years ago. Their quarterback coach is a good one."

SOUTH CAROLINA: "Steve Spurrier speaks for himself developing quarterbacks. They seem to know what they are doing, and seem like a program on the rise."

TEXAS A&M: "I like the coaches down there and they are a good fit offense wise like Florida. I think tat would be a cool place to play football down in College Station."

TENNESSEE: "They just got a new offensive coordinator and a lot of good quarterbacks like Peyton Manning come through there. They have 110,000 fans every week and all these SEC schools are great schools and great programs."

MISSOURI: "It's definitely close to home. I can drive to campus in about ten minutes. The parents and the family will get to see me play if I stay here. They also run an offense similar to Florida and I think that fits me very well."

There are family ties to some of the schools but Gray says that won't matter in the end. He has to do what he has to do.

"My dad is a Missouri fan," he said. "My mom is also from Missouri. A lot oF people want me to go to Missouri, but that is expected. I am just trying to make the best decision for myself and I am the one that will have to get on the field. My step-dad is from Georgia and is a Georgia fan. He's not pushing me to go there, but he likes them. My mom just watches and doesn't care that much."

One guy will have the most influence on his decision, but that influence will be what is the best fit for Logan Gray, not what everyone else might want him to do.

"My dad will be the most influential person in all of this stuff, "he said. "I think he can tell when I like someone and he always gives me feedback about what he thinks. He has traveled with me everywhere I have gone. He liked Gainesville and said it reminded him of Columbia a little bit."

So the Gators and the Dogs know they will be in line come September for the services of Logan Gray. The rest will be trying to get in on the last spot or two and get the official visit to say him their way. This gunslinger will be a very wanted man until he pulls the trigger.

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