RECRUITING: Twin Towers are Gators

The Gators just filled half their offensive line class for the class of 2007. The Pouncey twins, James and LaShawn from Lakeland -- the National High school Champions for 2005 -- have verbally committed to the Florida Gators.

(LaShawn Pouncey and James Pouncey profiles)

Long thought to be Florida State leans or even silents by some, the Pounceys just returned from Gainesville and the Urban Meyer camp where they received a great deal of instruction and had a good time. The 6-4.5 and 298 pound twins were the talk of the camp with their agility and great attitude for such big players.

Tiring of the recruiting process, LaShawn Pouncey decided to pull the trigger and said he was most comfortable at Florida.

"We just want to get it over with and so we are going ahead and committing to Florida and get it out of the way," LaShawn said. "We loved the camp so we decided to commit."

Naturally, James Pouncey was on the same page and also loved the trip and was excited to go ahead and make the decision.

"I feel good about it," he said. "It's just a decision we had to make. There isn't much to say. It was great and we got to chill with the head coach and most places you can't do that."

The Gators now have four commitments from the high school national champions. There were two more Dreadnaughts at camp and only time will tell if they will get a chance and want to be part of being a Gator. The twins think more may be coming.

"All of us are going to go up there," LaShawn said. "My brother and I, Chris Rainey, Ahmad Black, Steven Wilks, and Paul Wilson all want to go up there."

"It feels good," James added. "We went as a family. We had Gators in our room. We all got together and talked about it."

Both had a great time with the camp experience. They displayed their natural physical ability that had some shaking their head in disbelief.

"It was good," LaShawn said. "Gainesville was awesome. That was fun knocking heads, we did that a lot. They liked us for being so versatile. They like our style of play and the way we can move. They especially liked our athleticism."

James added his own two cents, "Getting after it was great. The camp was great. We made the championship game of the Gator Ball tournament."

The Gator Ball was something that really showcased just how good the twins were. A form of back yard style football, it is played with two end zones, but the ball can be advanced through the air in any direction during a play and any amount of times. The twins were like big running backs with their agility and elusiveness, and their ability to sustain the effort for long periods of time was something else.

LaShawn said it was the coaches that really made the difference and swayed their decision.

"The coaches were great," he said. "Most coaches don't associate like that, but they were real friendly and stuff.

"Coach Strong was recruiting me from day one. Coming up there we already knew him and with Chris (Rainey) living with us and already committed we knew what it was like there. Coach Strong was a big part of us committing."

"Coach Meyer is a player's coach. He is cool and relates to prospects. Most head coaches aren't like that. They just want you to play for them. He is tight with us. He will be cool and talk to you and have good conversations with us."

It was all the time on the football field that showed this coaching staff knows what it is doing in coaching football. Coach Steve Addazio and Coach John Hevesy split offensive line duties and both made an impression on the twins.

"We spent equal times with Coach Hevesy and Coach Addazio," LaShawn said. "We learned a lot from them and they have put a lot of guys in the NFL. We just want to learn from the best and go and get a great education."

This should help slow down the summer a little bit for the twins. They will pare their schedule down and only have one more camp they are planning on attending.

"We are getting focused for the season," James said. "It was a big distraction with all the coaches calling us all the time. We are going to just one more camp, the Down and Dirty in DeLand."

A week ago it was down to two schools and archrivals for the twins. With the Gator commitment it means that the Nole coaches will likely be disappointed. They have yet to talk to them about the situation.

"We haven't called them yet," James said. So, they will likely read about it on this report? "I guess so."

The Gators have a lot to look forward to with the twins. Being from a winning program is something that can't be taught.

"We bring athleticism and we are the leaders on our team," James said.

LaShawn had this to say to Gator fans: "They will see us there in '07. They can expect us to play great for them and help win a national championship."

It looks like double trouble for Gator opponents.

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