RECRUITING: Lemmens has UF as favorite

Westlake Village (Calif.) defensive end Duke Lemmens (6-5, 238, 4.7) said he now has 16 offers and slightly favors Florida, Arizona and A&M over Miami and Colorado. All have offered. He updates us on his recent visits.

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"I visited Florida the beginning of May and I may be going to camp there on July 22. You can't beat the swamp atmosphere. I love the college town--there are 50,000 students! I'm from L.A. suburbs so it was really cool to land at the airport there and see forest all around instead of smog," Lemmens said.

"Coach Greg Mattison was my host when I visited Florida. I've heard that he is the best D-line coach around, and he's personally recruiting me so we've become pretty close," he said. "Head coach Urban Meyer came in last year and is bringing the program to new heights and they have the power to get to the national championship every year.

"I've also been to Arizona, which is closer to home. As a kid, I grew up watching the Pac-10. The head Coach, Mike Stoops, is getting the program under his wing and it's on the rise. Arizona is definitely a defensive school. I'm a pass-rusher and no one throws the ball as much as the Wildcats, so it would be a dream," Lemmens said.

"Nothing can be compared to Texas football. On the west coast, it's just a sport, but down in Texas, it's a form of worship. When I visited, I found out there are 95,000 fans for A&M and no one sits down the entire game. Coach Stan Eggen (defensive line) is recruiting me the hardest. I like him because he's a real fired up guy who is sincere and will push me to the next level," he said.

"My best friend, Michael Ebbit, seems like he wants to go to A&M the most, and we always planned on going to the same college to stick together. He's been a loyal friend through high school--we're like the twin towers, we play the same position on opposite sides. His brother lives there too, so that's another incentive for him to choose A&M.

"Miami offered me two weeks ago--I didn't know they knew I existed. That school is one of the best in the nation and it's a powerhouse with huge games. They have winning tradition. As for Colorado, they had a bad rap for a while, but the new head coach, Dan Hawkins, has turned the program around," Lemmens said.

"Each school has so much to offer and I am blessed to have such difficulty choosing. It comes down to where I can see myself living for the next four years of my life.

"Thankfully, my mom is a flight attendant, so my family can hop on a plane whenever they want. My dad, Rick Lemmens, just wants me to go to a Pac-10 school. He went to UCLA so he will always root for that team. Even if one day I am playing against UCLA, he will probably still be rooting for them!"

Lemmens reports a 3.5 core GPA and a 24 ACT--September retake.

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