No Arrests, Warrants In Ongoing Atkins Case

University of Florida sophomore cornerback Avery Atkins has been accused of false imprisonment and misdemeanor domestic battery according to a police report that has been issued by the Daytona Beach Police Department. The alleged incident occurred Saturday in Daytona Beach and it involved Atkins and Benarah Sanford, who is the mother of his child.

Sanford claimed in a police report that Atkins held her in his car against her will for a period of time and that he struck her several times. Atkins' version of the story is that when he received a text message on his cell phone from another woman that Sanford got angry and attacked him. He claims that he was simply defending himself from her.

No charges have been filed in the case although both Atkins and Sanford have been requested to have a sit down meeting with officers to help determine should any charges be filed. The status of the investigation at this point is open.

According to all sources contacted in Volusia County, Atkins has been completely cooperative throughout this incident.

A call to the Sheriff's Office in Volusia County confirmed that no arrest warrants have been issued.

The Volusia County State Attorney's office will receive a report of the alleged incident within 7-10 days after the Daytona Beach Police Department determines if charges should be filed. The State Attorney's office will have the option of investigating this incident further or simply filing the report in the event that there are future incidents involving either or both parties.

Atkins is presently suspended from the University of Florida football team because he was charged but never arrested on aggravated battery charges stemming from a fight with another male in Daytona Beach on March 11. After further investigation by the Daytona Beach Police Department and the State Attorney, all charges were dismissed against Atkins (Case number 0632078CFAS) on April 17 according to the Volusia County Clerk of Court.

The Volusia County Clerk of Court also indicates that there are misdemeanor charges against Atkins for a failure to show in court for a valid ID charge back in 2003.

Atkins has been living in Gainesville and working full time since the spring semester ended. From all reports, he has been making every effort to regain his status with the Florida football team.

Gator Country is continuing to investigate and hopes to have a more detailed update later in the day after we have a chance to speak with a sergeant in the Daytona Beach Police Department.

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