Former Gator Taras Ross Joins Staff At Mosley

The last time the coach and his star pupil shared a sideline resulted in a state championship at Pasco Comprehensive High School. That was fourteen years ago. It appears that former Florida tight end Taras Ross will once again share a high school sideline with his former coach Perry Brown. Ross confirmed that Brown has asked him to take an assistant position at Lynn Haven Mosley High School.

"I talked to Coach (Perry) Brown twice last week," Ross said. "I hope to be there on July 30th to help coach. He said that I'll be coaching tight ends and defensive ends. I really can't wait. It's a great opportunity for me to get back in the game and help these kids out at the same time. I can help advise them on exactly what college coaches are looking for when they come in here. It's more than football. They have to have a good attitude on and off of the field."

Mosley boasts two of the top players at their respective positions in The Sunshine State.

"I know that Florida is recruiting the running back, Enrique Davis and the linebacker Carlton Johnson really hard," he said. "From what Coach Brown told me they're getting a good look. I've seen Davis and he looked real good. If they can get that (offensive) line together with him and the other backs they have they'll be a very good football team. I haven't seen tape on Johnson yet, but I've met him."

Ross currently works in mental health counseling and said that he would ideally like to work with kids, particularly at the high school or junior high school level. He has several options that he is pursuing at this time.

"I'm testing on July 22nd for the teaching certificate," Ross said. "Right now, I'm working on getting my state license. I hope to open my own business in the future and contract with the schools in a mentoring program. I've opened a few doors, but still have work to do. Kids deal with so many issues from peer pressure. If I can encourage these kids to get on the right track and instruct them how to stay on track-that's exactly what I want to do. But, you have to start early. It's something that I enjoy doing. In counseling, there would also be opportunities at DCF (Department of Children and Families) to work with families. Right now I'm doing counseling with the inmates."

Ross also stated that he is interested in pursuing his doctorate degree. However, he still has to figure out a means of balancing his time between work and coaching. Furthermore, Ross will look at programs that would allow him to remain in the Panama City area.

"I don't want to go to Florida State," Ross declared while laughing. "I have to look things over. But, if I can do it through the University of Florida then I will."

Florida State University has a branch campus in Panama City. The campus replaced an already existing extension of the University of West Florida in the eighties.

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