The Domino Effect

There has been a run of quarterback commitments over the past few weeks, especially to the ACC. Will it continue? Also, <B>Kyle Wright</B>, the nation's top QB, plans on making his decision next month. Will that set off another wave of quarterback commitments?

Recruiting can sometimes play out like a game of dominos.  Once one player makes a verbal commitment and it can spark a run of pledges at a particular position.  More times than not, this does happen with the quarterbacks.  The past few weeks are a perfect example, as many of the nation's top quarterbacks have pulled the trigger with their college decisions and it just so happens that the Atlantic Coast Conference has been the beneficiary of many of these decisions.

Since June 25th of this year, five top 60 ranked quarterbacks have committed to the ACC alone and 16 of the nation's top fifty quarterbacks have already made their decisions (see graph below).  In contrast, only four of the nation's top fifty running backs have committed and only seven of the top fifty receivers have committed.

Last week, Kevin McCabe, Nicolas Cangelosi, Marcus Stone, and C.J. Gaddis all committed to play for Virginia, North Carolina, NC State and Clemson respectively.  Over the weekend, Al Pena committed to Georgia Tech.


Maybe, but not likely.

These prospects tend to watch what their counterparts will do.  Only one quarterback can play and it is a position on a team that fills up quickly in recruiting because college programs do not take that many quarterbacks every recruiting season unless it is a major need area.  Taking two even three quarterbacks is a lot.  So these lucky few spots fill up and fill up quickly.  Once a bigger name quarterback commits to a school, others are soon to follow.  Nobody wants to be left out, especially if it is a school they really covet.  Competition is also a factor.  Some prospects fear no one while others want to be the only signal caller that that school signs.

"It is such a different position," said one Southeastern Conference Recruiting Cooridnator.  "The great ones want to solidfy themselves as 'the guy.'  They tend to commit earlier because that is usually the nature of quarterbacks and recruiting.  You usually only take one and quarterbacks tend to jump on that commitment quicker knowing that their scholarship may not be there if they wait."

A Big 12 coach concurs.  "The quarterback position is a limited position," said one Big 12 Offensive Line coach.  "Only one guy usually plays and they know the depth chart, the system, how the fit in and everything else that should factor into a decision.  Look at the offensive line.  There are five positions, lots of numbers, and you have guys that could move over from the defense.  There is a lot more to look at.  QB is cut and dry."

The nation's top rated quarterback according to is Kyle Wright from Danville, California.  He wants to have a decision made by the start of his football season.

"I am hoping to have a decision in August or so because my team is the most important thing to me," said Wright. "I would love to have a decision made by the time the season starts so I can focus on football and not worry about recruiting."

Here is what McCabe said about his decision to attend Virginia. "It starts at the top with Coach (Al) Groh. "He is rebuilding at Virginia and rebuilding something special. They have a great staff and I love Coach Musgrave. They have been great with me and I want to be around those guys. It feels good to get the decision out because now I can focus on this season and with my team. I know UVA is where I want to be so why prolong it."

Summer camps and unofficial visits are helping prospects make the early decision.  Prospects can get a good feel for a coaching staff and campus by participating in these camps and taking unofficial visits.

McCabe camped at Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, and Penn State, before committing to the Cavaliers.  Stone camped with the Wolfpack before committing to NC State.

This summer, Wright camped at Southern Cal.  He and his father will unofficially visit Miami, Florida State, Tennessee, Texas, and Oklahoma in the coming weeks. They will also try and get to Notre Dame. Wright is hoping these unofficial visits will expedite the recruiting process for him.

In contrast, Chris Leak's the nation's number two rated quarterback, wants to take his five visits before he makes the big decision.  The early decision is not the decision for everyone, even if you are a top flight quarterback.

A late summer, early fall commitment from the nation's top quarterback could signal another wave of commitments from quarterbacks, especially from the higher rated QBs.  Stay tuned, as we are only in mid-July and the football season right around the corner.  More QB decisions are soon on the way.  Just follow the dominos of quarterbacks.

Quarterback Committed to : current QB Ranking
Justin Midgett Florida 8
Matthew Flynn LSU 12
Nicolas Cangelosi North Carolina 18
Marcus Stone NC State 19
Kevin McCabe Virginia 21
Sam Kellar Michigan 23
Johnny DuRocher Oregon 24
Phillip Daugherty Texas Tech 26
Ryan Gunderson Oregon State 27
Drew Tate Texas A&M 29
Ryan Mitch Maryland 30
Courtney Denson Virginia Tech 33
Al Pena Georgia Tech 35
Chris Hawkins NC State 38
Cary Dove California 41
C.J. Gaddis Clemson 46

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