RECRUITING: Ahmad Black Video Transcript

As promised, here's our transcript of a recent video interview conducted with Lakeland Dreadnaughts cornerback Ahmad Black. We'll have more transcripts from other interviews on the way shortly... Stay tuned!

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Original Video Interview:

Franz Beard: With Ahmad Black, cornerback for the Lakeland Dreadnaughts and commitment to the University of Florida. Now first off, let's talk about the recruiting process. You decided to be a Gator. You had LSU after you, you had Alabama, Ohio State, some of these schools after you and you decided to end it early and become a Florida Gator. Why? What was the appeal and why did you go ahead and do it early?

Ahmad Black: I got tired of the phones calls and the begging. They want to know if you're going to commit early and stuff like that. I just wanted to end it all and get it over with.

So what was the appeal of Florida for you?

I kind of figured I wanted to go away from home but then I thought about it and then we've been talking about staying together and so that was one place that we could stay together at.

And so, Chris committing early kind of, maybe that was a lure for you to because I know that you and Chris are pretty tight?

Yeah, it was kind of knowing that somebody was going to be there with me.

Now you're a momma's boy too and you've told me that being someplace where you can get home and get mom's cooking an hour and half later that says something to you right?

Yeah, I got to stay close to my mom. I can't go too far.

Can't go too far. And you got your little brother to and I understand that little brother was the first one who was all Gator in your house, wasn't he?

Yeah. I'm mad at him though, he's got my Gatorade this morning, so I had to wake up thirsty. He drank my Gatorade this morning.

Now, so you grew up a Seminole fan and but they didn't recruit you or they didn't recruit you very hard. Were you disappointed or bitter with that or did it just make you say, well I just have to go on and find a place I'm going to be?

I wasn't bitter. I could see where they're coming from. They had enough people at my position. I didn't want to get there and sit on the bench for a long time. That's part of the game.

All right. So it wasn't a difficult transition for you then when Florida started offering, even though you may have been a Seminole fan all your life to say, "Hey, I can be a Gator."

My dad always told me that if Florida offered a full ride scholarship and Florida State doesn't, that that's where I should be at -- Florida.

Now that you made the decision, it's been a couple of weeks since the decision, any regrets?

None at all, I think I'm done. I got Tennessee down my back now (2:44 – inaudible) I'm ready.

So the recruiting really doesn't stop when you commit?

Basically all of them have, Tennessee came out of nowhere. Like Texas is calling now and they really need to talk to me and I ain't calling them.

Okay. All your buddies now, your brothers are all Gators too. You started with Michael and Marquis now Paul Wilson, Stevie Wilks, looks like all your friends are going to be Gators.

I don't know, Steven might be Florida State type. I don't know about Wilks.

Come on!

I was just playing you. That's the guy everybody's excited about. Everybody's psyched and over Ken but we still have to focus on our senior season.

It also seems like you have, from what I understand, you also got to focus on, there's one of your buddies, one of the brothers that sort of is up in limbo yet and are you all, is this going to be six against one, you know who I'm talking about.

Which one?

John Brown.

Oh John Brown is a different type. You never know what he's thinking, so I don't know exactly where he wants to go. Like he got so many, like, I don't know.

Are you all going to make it tough on him?

We're going to try to get him (4:04 – inaudible).

All right. Now last question, the times you've been up to Gainesville talking to Urban Meyer, what has impressed you about him, first as a person and secondly as a football coach?

I think he is an honest type person. I think he's there for his players and he'll never let them down.

Now how about as a football coach?

He seems pretty intense. I see him on the USA network a lot of time and he seemed pretty intense. That's what I like in a coach.

Do you see a lot of Bill Castle and Urban Meyer, do you see a lot of similarity?

Yeah. They talk but not talk too much.

One of the things that I've heard about Coach Castle is he let's his Assistant Coaches coach and it seems like that's what I hear about Coach Meyer too? Is that he let's his Assistant Coaches coach. Is that one of the real formulas for success here at Lakeland?

Yeah because Taylor on the defense side, he's just like another Coach Castle.

And so that's kind of the way it is at Florida to so you're kind of expecting the transition won't be too difficult then?

Yeah. It will be pretty much easy.

All right. You're going to be an early entry and I understand you only have senior English to pass and that's it and you're history in high school and heading up to Hogtown, USA.

Yes, sir.

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