RECRUITING: One on one with Linval Joseph

Perhaps the most intriguing prospect in the Gainesville area this year is Alachua Santa Fe lineman Linval Joseph. The two-way standout is being recruited both as a defensive tackle and an offensive lineman. He is 6-6 and down to a svelt 290 pounds now. Gator Country takes you on location to this budding star in an excliusive video interview.

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Bob Redman: We're here with Linval Joseph. He's working here in the summertime in Gainesville and Linval how is the summer going for you?

Linval Joseph: Pretty good.

What are you doing this summer?

I'm just working on car (:12 – inaudible) right now for the people that buy a car.

How did school go for you your junior year?

It went pretty good. The people I know GPA all the way through. Get down to sports, first place, state champions. Everything went pretty good.

Okay, so how long have you been playing football?

I've been playing football for almost three years going on four.

How did your season go last year?

It had a rough start but we had a good finish and this year we're going to be much better then we were last year.

How is recruiting going for you? Who are you hearing from?

I'm hearing from Coach Hevesy from the University of Florida, Georgia, Virginia Tech and LSU and Auburn. It's going pretty good. (1:08 – inaudible) learn a little bit more about their school and the program and hopefully I'll been going to one of them schools.

What is Coach Hevesy telling you?

He was telling me that you need to do good in school and keep your grades up and we could teach you a lot of things and you would be a big part of our program. We would like to see you again.

All right. What position is he recruiting you for?

I think for him if I was a lineman, I was a tackle but they said that they really don't know because I'm good at playing on both sides of the ball, offense and defense, so we just see when I get there.

Do you have any preference?

Preference, no not really.

Okay. Well what do you think about Florida?

I think for the nice school to have my major, I want to be a vet when I grow up, that they have a good class, they have the best class yet for college for me to go to.

Okay, I got you. Okay and Auburn was one of them. What do you think about Auburn?

Auburn is a good school. But Florida has the best vet class but Auburn's the second school with the best vet class and then Georgia. But Auburn is a good school too.

Okay, so what about LSU?

It's all right. It's just a little far away and it's an all right school.

Okay. And you said Georgia.


What about Georgia?

They're pretty good, they're pretty good, they just, like they have, I haven't got much to say about Georgia. They're a good school.

Okay. And you said Virginia Tech was one of them.

Yeah, I don't want to bother with them that much because I'm trying to stick real close.

All right. Maryland, what about Maryland?

Maryland, they're an all right school. They came to me and told me how far they (2:44 – inaudible) and they said they have a nice university and it's a good school and I come to see the campus any time when I'm ready.

Who is the coolest coach you talked to and at what school?

Hevesy is one of the coolest coaches I have talked to.

Oh yeah? What makes him cool?

He's just real.

Just real?

Yes, sir.

All right and so what do you think when you finally make a decision what's it going to be about? What is going to make that decision for you?

I really don't know yet.

Who is going to help you with that decision?

Probably my mom.

Is she a big influence on you?

Yes sir. She's everything to me.

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