RECRUITING: Pouncey Highlight Special

The Lakeland Dreadnaughts' Team Rap artist "B-Styles" was kind enough to give us an intrioduction to Michael and Maurkice's junior highlights. B-Styles welcomes the Pouncey's to Gatorland and the Pounceys then welcome some defensive players to the dirt in their highlight footage.

(James Pouncey and LaShawn Pouncey profiles)

One of the myths so far this recruiting season is that one Pouncey is so much better than the other. I will admit to falling for the myth because I was hearing it from different places. Whether one is better or not is a judgement call, but watching these highlights sure makes me understand why the Gator staff put a huge premium on both of the twins.

I think you will like what you see as well. Enjoy.

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