RECRUITING: Will Duke Lemmens Get An Offer?

Duke Lemmens is that relentless ball hawk that coaches love. He goes all out on every single play and chases the ball wherever it is. He's the kind of guy that forces backside fumbles because of his relentless pursuit. This Westlake Village (CA) defensive end is quite simply a defensive coordinator's migraine headache.

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Lemmens just loves playing at full speed all the time. At 6-5 and 235 pounds his motor runs continually and he uses his combination of quickness and willingness to chase the ball all over the field to make life hell for the offensive players across from him.

"Once I got to high school and they stuck me at defensive end … I slowly started studying defensive ends," Lemmens said. "Dwight Freeney is the guy that sticks out to me. His explosiveness and quickness is unmatched. When you watch him get off the ball, its like he knows the count and the offense doesn't. He is on them before they even move. That type of explosiveness is something I try to emulate."

College coaches think Lemmens is that kind of player.

"I am not the biggest, but the college coaches know I have a frame they can work with," he said. "Each coach talks about my motor. Wherever the ball is my legs don't stop moving. I leave everything out on the field, and coaches have told me that sticks out to them.

"I have been playing since third grade and my dad has pushed me. He played football at UCLA and his friends say he wasn't the best athlete but he was crazy and just never stopped. He instilled in me to never give up."

He does everything big time and with style. His coaches know how to use his freakish talents to make plays.

"The fumble-rooski is something that we run every year," he said. "I play offensive line too. I was at guard and the center snapped it and the ball just lies between his legs. Right when the defensive end left, I picked it up and ran for 70 yards. I like to say that I have the highest rushing average in the country."

Lemmens has been keeping busy with his Oaks Christian teammates this summer. It's a loaded team with several big time talented players. They have been going at it hard.

"I have been busy with summer football," he said. "We have four hour practices every day of the week and we are working hard. We do 45 minutes of lifting, 45 minutes of conditioning, a half hour of meetings, and then a couple of hours on the field. We get all next week off and a huge break in August."

He will be visiting several schools this summer, but he only has one trip truly planned out at the moment.

"I haven't done any visiting this summer yet," he said. "I am sitting down with my family soon and figuring it out. I will take most of my visits on weekends. The only one date I have set is the Friday Night Lights thing at Florida. My mom and I are going for that. I talk to (co-defensive coordinator and defensive line) Coach Mattison all the time. He wanted me to come to a camp in June, but I couldn't make it, so this is my time to shine in person."

Miami has offered Lemmens and actually four of his teammates. Lemmens thinks it will be difficult for he and his teammates to meet up down there at the same time because the plan is to make it part of the trip to the state of Florida.

"I am probably going to visit Miami while I am out there, because they offered and I haven't seen the school yet," he said. "I am going to revisit Texas A&M and Arizona. I plan on getting to Cal Berkeley and Oregon. I think Washington, but other than that the only one I might see is Colorado."

He doesn't see a real timetable to commit. He originally hoped to have it all done before the summer, but he just doesn't see that happening now.

"Four of my teammates have committed but I am taking my time with it," he said. "I don't think I will be able to come up with one by the end of the summer. Right now it is the same four teams in the lead. Arizona, Florida, Texas A&M, and Miami are my four favorites."

Lemmens had some nice things to say about the four schools.

ARIZONA: "The distance factor is real good for my family. As a pass rushing defensive end I don't think there is a better conference for my style of football than the Pac-10. I built a real good relationship with Coach Stoops and Coach Charlie Williams who is the guy recruiting my area. I just really like Tucson itself, it's a great town. All four of those schools I can see myself living there, I just like the cities that much."

TEXAS A&M: "A&M and Florida kind of have a similar appeal to me. They are the two most insane places to play college football. Just thinking about playing on front of 95,000 people is absolutely insane and gives me the chills thinking about it. Coach Francione has taken over the program and had a great recruiting class this year and they are on the rise."

FLORIDA: "Of all the schools I visited, Florida was the most impressive. Gainesville is such a perfect college town that revolves around the school. Everyone is crazy about football. I love how you go to the airport and actually see forest. I live in Los Angeles and there is no forest here."

"I really am impressed with what they are doing with their program. I think they are definitely building a national championship program. Coach Mattison is one of my favorite coaches to talk to and is the kind of coach that I want to play for. I know he has a very good reputation of putting people in the NFL. I want to go to the NFL, but I know I can get a great education if I go there and that is what I can count on."

MIAMI: "I haven't seen Miami but I know how beautiful it is. I am not ignoring them and I talk to (defensive Line) Coach Palermo over there. The reputation that program has is something I am definitely interested in.

The one school Duke Lemmens lacks an offer from is the University of Florida and he is traveling across country to prove he is with that scholarship offer. It will be a night in The Swamp where a lot of players will make a name for themselves and you just have to like the chances of Duke Lemmens.

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