Fourth of July from the Dreaded Gatornaughts

Happy Fourth of July Gator Country, Dreaded Gatornaughts style! The Lakeland Six, all of whom are firmly committed to the Florida Gators, hosted the Gator Country staff one day recently and what a day it was. This video collage is a highlight reel of a day in the life of the Dreaded Gatornaughts. EXTRA: Bonus video just added!

During our day in Lakeland, we were duly impressed with the hard work and dedication of these kids, but more importantly, their devotion to "The Family." That's what they call themselves because they are indeed a Band of Brothers. It really is all for one and one for all. As you can see in the video, however, it isn't always serious football business. Fun is a major part of their agenda.

So sit back, watch and enjoy this Gator Country Fourth of July special. And keep tuning in because this video is just the first of several that will give you up close and personal glimpses of the Dreaded Gatornaughts in the week that's ahead.

Video One:

Bonus Video:

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