RECRUITING: One on one with Maurkice Pouncey

Go one on one with one of the Pouncey Twins in Maurkice as he talks about his recruiment, the Florida Gators, and their decision not to attend the FSU Camp despite rumors to the contrary. Brought to you direct from Lakeland, Florida - home of the Dreadnaughts!

Video Transcript:

Franz Beard: We're with Maurkice Pouncey, one of the two famous Pouncey twins out of Lakeland High School. I'm going to ask you the same questions I asked your brother. When you committed apparently you were hoping that all the phone calls and the letters and all of the distractions of recruiting would sort of come to an end. But apparently nobody seems to see it that way.

Maurkice Pouncey: No, I mean I don't know people think you're going to change your mind again. But I mean we're going to stick with our decision. Stick with it and play as hard as we can cause we've seen it and like it. So that's what it is.

Now obviously the one thing they ask you from what your brother said is, "Are you committed? Are you going to stick with it?" So let's just ask you those questions. How fully are you committed to Florida and are you really going to stick with the commitment?

I'm like Plaza, 100%. Plaza, he's a rapper ... 100%!

Now there's all sorts of stuff going on the Internet saying, "Okay they're going to come to the Florida State camp and once we get them in Florida State, we'll try to get them back where they belong." What were you telling me about Florida State camp earlier?

We aren't going to attend that. I mean there's no point. We're going to camp this Saturday Down and Dirty Camp and that's it. I mean we've been to enough camps and Florida was the best one so far. I mean we are going to stick with the Florida decision, so that's what we're going to do.

All right. What was the big lure to Florida? Was it the idea of going there with teammates or was it just that you felt that, I found the right school for me?

It was just I found the right school for me and brother to go to where we got a good chance of I mean early playing times, we just go out there and work hard and do what we do here at Lakeland, go out there and win.

All right. Let's talk about the coaches now. Steve Addazio is he wild?

He's wild. Yeah so he'll do anything, too. Him and Coach Hevesy, they were arguing the other day and Hevesy was telling him they had lunch down and they just went and were going at it and it was so funny.

So you guys kind of feel the bonding with those guys, the guys who are going to be coaching you?


All right, how about Charlie Strong? He's the guy that recruited you.

That's the mayor right there, let me tell you. Everywhere Charlie Strong goes you can get some pictures. He's the coolest one on campus.

All right. You guys and he sits in there and I hear one of the things Mattison always says is, "I can't wait to get in here, I'll kick your ass." Is that what he says? Something like that?

Yeah he says that every time we see him. He says about the same thing every time.

And what do you say to him?

I say, "We'll see." Just like that.

We'll see? All right, how about hanging out with Urban Meyer?

Oh that's like another dad. I mean he is going to be there for you no matter what you do. So I mean he going to be there, big dog of the house when you get in college, so you don't get no choice but to like Urban Meyer.

I've heard people say and your brother even said it that if you want to talk serious, he can talk serious with you, if you just want to talk crazy funny stuff, he's there with you, if you want to talk football, he loves that too.

Yeah I mean he a good coach. He'll do anything for you, support you in whatever you need. If you got family problems he'll be your friend and he'll probably talk you through it and be there to help you out. This is a great coach to be around.

Yeah. Your parents are more and more happy that this is where you're going to go and so forth?

Yeah and my parent and Steve Wilks parents are going to go out to the Gator store and go shopping.

All right, so it's 100% Gator?


All right.

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