RECRUITING: One on one with Michael Pouncey

Go one on one with one of the Pouncey Twins in Michael as he talks about his recruiment, the Florida Gators, and their decision not to attend the FSU Camp despite rumors to the contrary. Brought to you direct from Lakeland, Florida - home of the Dreadnaughts!

Video Transcript:

Franz Beard: It's been a couple of weeks since you committed to Florida. Talk about what's been going on in the last two weeks as far as are schools still calling you? Are schools still trying to see if you're serious about this thing about Florida?

Michael Pouncey: Yeah it's been a big headache. I mean coaches calling every day asking why we did it and are we going to stick with it. So it's been a real big headache as far as all the coaches calling and stuff. Originally, we committed, we wanted to get everything out of the way so we wouldn't have to worry about all this but we thought coaches were going to stop calling but it makes them call more.

Okay, well you said one thing there, you said, "They're asking are you going to stick with it?" So tell us in your own words what you think about this, about when they say, first of all what do you think when they ask that question and then what is your answer?

Well if you see I committed then what do you think about it? You think I'm going to change my mind? I'm really like; I'm not going to change my mind. That's the school I want to go to, there's six of us going there so it's just going to be like home really.

Now you chose Florida even before it was six of you going there. You know, Chris was going, Ahmad decided he's going to go there and then the two of you made four but obviously there had to be something about Florida that you thought was a good thing even before it became six of you, like a family thing?

Yeah, the coaches. I mean the coaches there are just great. They taught us a lot of stuff at the camp and they were just like real cool with you like they're one of the guys. So that's…it's just a good school.

Yeah. You've been up there now what, three times since camp and every time you go there you hang around (1:48 – screeching noise) a little bit more about the University of Florida and so forth like that. The more you know about it, does it deepen your commitment to Florida? Does it make you think, "Wow! I really did pick the right place?"

Yeah, it does. I mean cause it's the people up there and every time I go it's something new, we go to academics or I'll go to hang out with coaches and stuff. So really every time it's a different experience and I enjoy doing it all the time.

Now you've hung around with some of the coaches. Tell me some impressions of coaches. Let's talk about the Addazio, Steve Addazio.

He crazy. I mean the last time I was there he took us to through the equipment room and I was telling him what all I wear and some of the stuff he doesn't agree with, like receivers cleats. He's like offensive linemen don't wear those and I said like, "hey that's our style. We like to think we're receivers or something."

All right John Hevesy?

Really cool. I mean he loves to play around. We'll line up and do one on ones against each other and stuff like that. He's a real cool coach.

Now I understand every time you're there Mattison pops his head in. What's the first thing he says when he pops his head in there?

That they're going to kill us when we get up there.

He's an old defensive line coach and he loves to beat up on offensive linemen, doesn't he?

He think he going to do it but we'll see about that.

And then let's see Charlie Strong is the coach that recruited you. What are your impressions of Charlie Strong?

He just like a player. He go out and work, make fun of each other and just go around and play around all the time. So he's real cool, real good friend to me so he's just a cool guy.

The last one, Urban Meyer, you've hung around with him and I heard a lot of people say he just has a good way of relating to you and getting to you on any level. He can talk to you about school, he can talk to you about football, he can talk to you about personal things and is that the case?

Yeah he just knows what to say. I mean anytime you got a question or something, he just answer it like it's, he knows what to say to get you to go there and he talks about a lot of different stuff like when we weren't committed, he didn't ask us, he didn't pressure us to commit or nothing. He would just tell us like what the opportunities we could have up there, so we knew it was a good a opportunity and we made our decision.

All right, last question. Florida ... it's Orange and Blue all the way and you've got six guys from Lakeland. That's unheard of man, I mean I don't know of another school that's ever sent six guys to one major division, one program. That says a lot about the Lakeland coaches and it says a lot about Florida to be able to lure six of you guys to one place.

Yeah, I mean, it's going to be real fun. I just can't wait to go out there with everybody and go to the next level and have fun.

All right with Michael Pouncey, Florida Gator. Thanks Mike.

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