Wondy's Coach Says The Sky Is The Limit

Moments after entering the room at Lely High School it was obvious that Trojans head football coach Chris Metzger represented much more to senior Wondy Pierre-Louis than the traditional player/coach relationship. The Haitian born Pierre-Louis was a long way from his family, but had developed a close bond with the Metzgers that should continue for many years to come.

Wondy Pierre-Louis sang the praises of Coach Metzger and his Lely family as we shot video for the Gator Country 2006 Signees DVD last spring. You could sense the excitement and pride when he spoke about the people he cares so much about. He hoped, and seemingly expected to find a group of Gators who he could depend upon just as he did the Metzgers. Did he?

"I just talked to him this morning," Coach Metzger said. "He's ecstatic. He thanks God for the opportunity to be there. He said that he felt like he was part of a strong family and that he's excited to get up and compete.

"He does have an infectious personality," Metzger stated. "As my wife says, you see Wondy and you just want to hug him. That's the kind of kid he is."

You wonder when the summer sessions begin how some players are adapting to their new surroundings. For the majority, it's their first time away from home. That is hardly the case with Wondy Pierre-Louis. Word already is that his new teammates are having no difficulty gravitating toward the Florida freshman. They love his infectious smile, laughter, attitude, and competitive nature.

It's early in the Summer B session, but thus far Metzger has seen absolutely no problem with Wondy adapting to life on campus. Furthermore, the man who perhaps knows him best believes that he is in an environment in which he'll thrive.

"I think the way that Coach (Urban) Meyer runs the program --- a kind of family atmosphere --- and the accountability is really going to lend itself to Wondy having a phenomenal experience," he said. "The way that Coach (Chuck) Heater and Coach (Steve) Addazio were recruiting him, because of his situation with no family here, is going to help him tremendously, I think."

Pierre-Louis had some cartilage that required cleaning up via the scope. Obviously, there was no further damage to his knee.

"The injury is just a routine deal," Metzger confirmed. "He'll be back and ready to roll probably by the end of next week.

"He's a specimen. I think that he's going to come back better than ever after the scope. Our trainer here (at Lely High School) is great, but obviously up there you've got the best people in the world working with him on a daily basis."

Coach Metzger believes that Wondy's work ethic and the aforementioned ability to adapt will push his former star pupil to great heights at the University of Florida as a student-athlete.

"I think that Wondy understands the level that he'll be playing at," Metzger said. "I think what was even more impressive about Wondy was how he made strides as a person and a student leading up to the end of the school year. With his background, the strides that he made as a human being and just understanding the work ethic it was going to take in the classroom, in the community, and on the playing fields. The sky is the limit for Wondy."

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