Hollywood Bob's FNL Private Screening, #2

Continuing with our plunge through Friday Night Lights camp roster, Hollywood Bob delves more into some inside news on various big names coming to the camp. This second part of three about the entire Gators recruiting board concentrates on the defensive side of the ball.

Defensive End

The Gators have three committed and they're considered the very top of the board. Two of them are Scout.com South Top 100 players and the third probably should be. One more big time prospect is coming in at the position and I think he gets an offer Friday or Saturday.

D'Angelo McCray - Scout South 100 – Fan favorite on the Insider Recruiting message board and McCray likes stir with the emotions of Gator fans. Through all of his updates he always remains committed to the Gators although he leaves enough open so that he can take visits elsewhere. I think he says the right thing to the Gator coaches and will remain a Gator when all is said and done. With his size, he could inevitably end up inside at DT. One thing that some don't know is that former FSU running back Leon Washington is expected to drive McCray to Friday Night Lights next week. That should make things a little more interesting.

Friday Night Lights Private Screening #2

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