RECRUITING: One on one with Brandon Hicks

Brandon Hicks is one of the more engaging interviews among prospects for the 2007 recruiting season. The 6-2, 205 pound linebacker from Nathan Bedford Forrest High School in Jacksonville is one of the most intimidating players on the defensive side of the ball in the entire country. Hicks took a few moments after a workout on Thursday to talk to in an exclusive video interview.

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As you will see, Hicks has an engaging personality. He is an easily likable kid that just happens to be one of the best football players in the southeast. Forrest Head Coach Dennis Clemons thinks highly of Hicks and thinks he is a special human being.

"Brandon likes to joke a lot," Clemons said about his star linebacker / wide receiver. "He is very sociable and doesn't get in trouble off the field. He is very consciousness about his future. He is one of those that realize he has a responsibility to his parents and his school. You can tell he comes from a good background."

Not much of a talker, Hicks does his play and his work do the talking for him.

"He is a guy that leads by example," Clemons said. "He isn't very vocal, but a lot of kids see how he leads the lines, his performance in the weight room and the football field, how he works out, a lot of it is leadership by example."

The one place off the field Hicks needs improvement in is in the classroom. Coach Clemons knows Hicks has the work ethic to get a little better.

"If he has a drawback he is a decent student but not a great student, the coach said. "It isn't from effort but he makes average grades and he needs to make better than average grades."

On the field, Hicks is an animal. A ball hawking defender that terrorizes ball carriers, Hicks makes offenses game plan specifically for him.

"He is a playmaker," Clemons said. "When teams game plan for our defense, they figure out where he is on the field. He may be on one side of the ball and make the tackle on the other side of the ball. He is a hustler and the ultimate playmaker. He is very much a difference maker."

Hicks is also somewhat of a natural on offense. He spent most of his football career on offense and Clemons plans to utilize those skills as well.

"He plays wide receiver and tight end for us, he has excellent hands," Clemons said. "When he first started playing varsity football, the majority of his experience was on offense. He has done some real good work for us."

Clemons has high expectations for Hicks. Most of what he wants to see more of is taking control of the team and making it his team.

"I expect him to take it up a level as far as his production on the field and his leadership capabilities," Clemons said. "I think he has the ability to be the ultimate leader for these kids to help them rise from average football team to us being a very good football team."

It's hard not to like Brandon Hicks when talking to him. As his coach said, he is very personable and well, he is just a good kid. I think you will see that in this exclusive video interview taken Thursday July 20th. I made it uncut, so forgive the my stuttering as I interviewed him.

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