Video Profile - Earl Everett (LB)

<b>Ernie Sims</b> has widely been considered the top athlete in the south this year if not the nation. <b>Earl Everett</b> is going to have something to say about that before it's all said and done. Check out this video clip of this spectacular athlete, and see for yourself why the #1 athlete in the south spot is up for grabs.

>Until now there had been little question about who the best athlete in the south was. Ernie Sims could very well be rated the #1 RB or as he is listed, the #1 linebacker. As it turns out, Mr. Sims is going to get a strong argument from a player in his own state.

Earl Everett is simply a magnificent athlete on either side of the ball. While he projects at linebacker with his 6-3 and 205 pounds frame, he plays quarterback, wide receiver, and running back for his high school team. He is one of the most gifted open field runners in the nation this year, and his arm is more than adequate to make him a star on the high school level.

As good as he is a runner, like Sims, his best position is linebacker. With a knowledge of the game from playing so much offense, Everett reads plays exceptionally well, and he hits like a truck. He has the ideal frame to play outside linebacker on the next level, and the thought of Sims playing Mr. Inside to Everett's Mr. Outside on the same team is a scary thought. 

Fans may only get to see Everett and Sims together at a high school All-Star game, unless some lucky school hits the jackpot in February, but for now, here is a video clip of Earl Everett. He definitely merits consideration as the #1 overall athlete in the south. Click on the link below to see why.

Earl Everett

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