DAY 5 - The Pads Are On! Highlight Videos

The first day of full pads was full of hard hitting and some exceptional plays. The offense took a little back today as they were able to hit on a number of big plays and the running backs found some lanes to run in the running drills. Gator Country was there to bring you this exclusive video of day five of fall practice.

The receivers and defensive backs did some of the hardest hitting in the combat drill at the beginning of the video. Percy Harvin and Ryan Smith matched up for a good one. My pick was Riley Cooper for the guy that dominated the most in the combat sequence.

The running game looked pretty good as DeShawn Wynn, Marcus Manson, and Brandon James all had some good runs in the 7 on 7 running drill.

Long passes take center stage in the 7 on 7 passing drill. There were numerous shots down field and some really nice catch and runs by receivers.

Finally, a few shots of the full offense and defense and the play of the day. Otis80's favorite option pitch from Chris Leak to DeShawn Wynn went the distance from about 60 yards.

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