Gator News and World Report (8/27/2006)

The Gator News and World Report for Sunday, August 27, 2006. Evolution of UF's face will never stop; Trio of true freshmen receivers slated for opener; McDonald's knees not knocking; Lake Howell's Parsons commits to UF; Finding a healthy outlook and more...

Florida Gator Football

Evolution of UF's face will never stop
The faces change. Not just on the football team. In the stands. On the couches. The fans change. Some come and some go. Some just get older. The smile lines are there from 1996, the frown lines from Fourth and Dumb. The hair has grayed but you can't help but wonder how much Lindsay Scott, Shayne Wasden and Warrick Dunn accelerated the shading.

Trio of true freshmen receivers slated for opener
Urban Meyer said Saturday he's expecting three true freshmen wide receivers to play in the opener against Southern Miss. That plan could change on Tuesday.

Face value
Chris Leak, the face of UF football, deserves credit, despite the naysayers. Just look at the numbers.

Sun sports writers Robbie Andreu and Brandon Zimmerman examine the face of UF's positions

Baby faces
Sun sports writer Brandon Zimmerman looks at the top true freshmen in the SEC

Face off
The Sun's UF football beat writer Robbie Andreu and columnist Pat Dooley face off against one another to pick the Gators' fiercest rivals

Changing faces of UF football
un columnist Pat Dooley picks the face of Florida Gator football by decades, Through 100 years of football, the equipment, strategies and stadiums have changed. So have the players. By era, here are the faces of Florida football for the last century. Photos from Sun archives.

Face the facts
Sun sports writer Robbie Andreu and sports columnist Pat Dooley rank the Southeastern Conference

Face the music
We could go into the 50 things that are different about college football and pro football and why the college game is better, but really there is one thing that separates the two — the bands.

UF special teams must shift focus to return game
In the final breakdown of Florida positions, Sun sports writer Robbie Andreu looks at the Gator special teams with six days until the first game.

McDonald's knees not knocking
Ray McDonald has a message for any opposing players who might stand in his way this season: Torn anterior cruciate ligaments in each of his knees couldn't stop him, so what makes you think you can?

QB Tebow sidelined by 103-degree fever
Backup quarterback Tim Tebow became the latest Florida player to come down with a fever, and the freshman missed practice Saturday with a 103-degree temperature, Gators coach Urban Meyer said.

Sickness Going Around Locker Room
With less than a week before the season-opener against Southern Mississippi, freshman QB Tim Tebow became the latest victim of an illness that has been making its way around the team, sitting out Saturday's practice session with a 103-degree fever.

Gators fine-tuning team for opener
Here are three Florida Gators, in the home stretch of another preseason. Their scholarships and uniforms are identical; their individual goals and fears are different. And starting Monday afternoon, they have four practices to measure where they stand as the season begins.

Finding a healthy outlook
After finally rebounding from a puzzling illness, defensive end Jarvis Moss is prepared to build on his breakthrough season.

Fever nails QB Tebow
Florida might decide to quarantine players now that backup quarterback Tim Tebow has a 103-degree fever.

UF coaches will wait to unleash Tebow
"The Tebow Plan," as Florida coach Urban Meyer calls it, is in the works. Top-secret stuff it isn't. Coaches plan to keep things simple for freshman quarterback Tim Tebow.

Gator line Ram tough
Steve Rissler glanced across the room in the direction of Drew Miller, and smiled at thought of how much his friend has grown.

My five favorite stadium destinations
All totaled, I probably have watched college football in about 50 stadiums across the country, including just about every venue in the Atlantic Coast and Southeastern conferences.

Florida Gator Basketball

Billy D woos one more to '07 class
Chandler Parsons went from unknown to well-known on the recruiting circuit in the span of a few months.

Lake Howell's Parsons commits to UF
Billy Donovan's recruiting pitch to Chandler Parsons came with video highlights. Not of Parsons, though. To illustrate what Parsons could look like in orange and blue, Donovan showed the Lake Howell basketball standout a prepackaged highlight reel of plays made by former Gators Mike Miller, Matt Bonner and Matt Walsh.

Florida Gator Fred Taylor

Taylor shows early burst
The Jaguars provided a brief glimpse Saturday night of the running game they hope Fred Taylor will give them this year.

Florida Gator Jeremy Foley

Foley Does What Must Be Done
Hardee McAlhaney had to laugh at the 23-year-old New Englander who wore winter clothes on a summer trip to check out his new workplace in hot, sticky Florida.

Foley, UF a hit again -- for now
There was a time not so long ago when Jeremy Foley's life was a sad country song. His wife left him. He lost his best friend. His dog got hit by a car.

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