SEC Media Days - Day Two

[MEDIA:39261]<BR>Day two of the <B>SEC Media Days</B> in Birmingham featured Ron Zook, Rex Grossman and Ian Scott from the Florida Gators. Eli Manning, Tommy Tuberville and new Vandy Head Coach Bobby Johnson were also on hard.

The following is SEC Media Days with Auburn,Ole Miss and Vanderbilt.

Tommy Tuberville - Auburn: Coach Tuberville thinks Jason Campbell will probably win the job.  He cites the fact that a healthy Carnell Williams and a better more experienced supporting cast are the keys to the offense.  Bob Petrino takes over as the offensive coordinator and brings a new element to the SEC. Tuberville feels the Tigers may have become too predictable in recent years.  He knows there is pressure to win but that is what you can expect being the coach at Auburn.  He thinks the opener at Southern Cal will really test his team.  They play three games in seventeen days.  He still does not know how his team beat Florida last year. Tuberville felt like they overachieved and gave fans and supporters a false sense of excitement.  He also believes the West is wide open.  Finally, he says the conference will miss Steve Spurrier and what he did for it was tremendous.   But he is a good friend of Ron Zook's dating back to his days as defensive coordinator at Miami.  He thinks Ron will do a good job, but it is a very tough task.

David Cutcliffe - Ole Miss:  Coach Cutcliffe thinks the off-season strength and conditioning program is the key to improved defense.  He really likes the improvements in weight and strength gains this summer.  He will rely more on Special Teams to make some plays as that was a big emphasis this spring.  He thinks new defensive coordinator Chuck Dreisbach's philosophy to a 4-3 will help.  Cutcliffe say Eli Manning knows the concept of "team", yet is a special player who can lead the Rebels.  He feels like the defensive line will be dramatically better.  Cutcliffe feels they are a contender for the SEC West division.

Eli Manning - Quarterback-Ole Miss:  Team has been more unified this summer during workouts and throwing.  Team is drawing motivation from being snubbed by Bowls after going 7-4 a season ago. Thinks the offensive line is going to be a strength of the team.  He does not have a goal to win the Heisman, but it would be a great honor and if he did win it.  Hee would be able to tease his brother Peyton.

Rushen Jones - Defensive back - Vanderbilt:  He was disappointed to lose Woody Widenhofer as coach because Woody recruited him so hard.  He respects new coach Bobby Johnson and his philosophy.  His goals are for the team to be more competitive and compete hard every play and in every game.  Team may have given up towards the end of last season.  His team has nicknamed him R.J. 3000.

Bobby Johnson - Vanderbilt:  Felt like he had to make the switch from 1-AA Furman to Vanderbilt to see if his coaching formula would work.  First thing they need to do is change the thought process out of the losing mode.  Likes schedule with seven home games one in Adelphia vs Tennessee and is excited to open against Georgia Tech in Atlanta.  Three years ago as the head coach at Furman he scheduled this year's second game at Vandy and at the time felt good about his chances to win.  Now the shoe is on the other foot.

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