Interview with Ian Scott

[MEDIA:39261]<BR> In this interview, Florida Defensive Tackle <b>Ian Scott</b> talks about the differences between Coach Spurrier and Coach Zook, what he thinks of Coach Thompson, the Miami Game, and much more.

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Q: How about Coach Zook and the new staff?
Ian: It is a different Era of Florida football ,it is exciting to build on the tradition that Coach Spurrier started. We have a chance to continue the Gator legacy.

Q: What is difference between Zook and Spurrier?
Ian: Zook is exhausting with his energy that he puts into everything he does. He wears you out just looking at him. Coach Spurrier was more laid back.

Q: What about Coach Thompson and the new staff?
Ian: All the new coaches are similar in that they are fiery and energetic. Coach Thompson is like a smaller version of coach Zook. They are fun to be around.

Q: Without Spurrier who is the face of Florida Football?
Ian: Rex Grossman is Florida football. We tease him a lot in the locker room but he deserves it and we root for him.

Q: What about playing Miami?
Ian: I know the Miami players on our team are real excited. It is a rivalry that will become as big as Florida State and Tennessee.

Q: How bad do you want to beat them?
Ian: Well now that their program is back on top and they won the National Championship last year there are a lot more Hurricane Warning tags and flags in Gainesville.

Q: How tough is it to be a student athlete?
Ian: The athlete part is easy. It is the student part that is very difficult. I am trying to get better and better.

Q: Should athletes be compensated?
Ian: Maybe down the road they will come up with a way to include it in the scholarship. I don't know. I am fortunate to go to school in the city I grew up in and I have great parents. But we do have some players that struggle for money.

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