Q&A w/ Rex Grossman

[MEDIA:39261]<BR><B>Rex Grossman</B> appeared at the SEC Media days today, wearing a bright Gator blue tie, looking in great shape and excited for the upcoming season. I had a chance to speak with the Gator signal caller for a few minutes.

BA:  What about team's expectations... still high?
Rex Grossman: Yes... at Florida they must be high and we are ready to get started.

BA:  Will you miss Coach Spurrier?
Rex: It was an honor to play for coach Spurrier and I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to playing for
coach Zook.

BA:  What did Zook say to you to keep you jumping to the NFL?
Rex:  It wasnt what he said but how he said things.  He assured me that we were going to keep things going at Florida
and continue to throw and be successful.

BA:  What do you mean by keep things rolling?
Rex: That we will win and play for championships.

BA:  Was the Heisman a reason to come back?
Rex: No, not really.  It would be an honor to win it but winning games for the University of Florida is what matters

BA:  What about the new offensive system?
Rex: It was new terminology but I have it down and we are still going to attack and throw the football.

BA:  What do you think of Coach Zaunbreaker?
Rex:  He is more laid back than Coach Spurrier, but he has a great system and I look forward to running it.  I have
watched a lot of Marshall film to get an idea of how he will call plays, but until we get to the game, I wont know, but
he has had a lot of success.

BA:  What about the schedule?
Rex:  It is tough, but we will take it one game at a time.

BA:  What about Miami?
Rex:  We will show up for that game, I can assure you of that.

BA:  Tell us about the receivers.
Rex:  We have the Orange Bowl MVP in Taylor Jacobs coming back and in my opinion an All-American tight end in
Aaron Walker too.  Two young guys will step up and fill voids in Carlos Perez and Kelvin Kight.

BA:  How about the offensive line?
Rex: They are young but talented.  They have a great coach in coach Wickline and I feel very confident behind them.

BA:  Would you ever like to play for Coach Spurrier in the NFL?
Rex:  Yes... I think Coach will have a lot of success in the NFL and at Washington and you just never know where I
may end up someday.

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