Interview with Head Coach Ron Zook

[MEDIA:39261]<BR>In this interview, <b>Coach Ron Zook</b> talks about being at the University of Florida, taking over after Coach Spurrier, his offensive and defensive coordinators and much, much more.

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Q: Talk about being at Florida.
Zook: It is a privilege and an honor to be the head football coach at the University of Florida. I had five great years as an assistant and I am really excited to be back.

Q: Do you have any fears?
Zook: Coaches don't have fears, they know the bottom line is to win and be successful. The great expectations at Florida and for every school in the conference are what makes it so great.

Q: How has it been so far?
Zook: Well I was telling my wife last night to enjoy it now we are undefeated, but when August 31 comes we will hit the ground running and go-go. Obviously the wick gets turned up a bit when we play for real.

Q: Tell us about your two coordinators.
Zook: Ed Zaunbreaker had the number three offense in the country last season at Marshall. He has a different personality than I do but the same philosophy.  John Thompson loves to bring the heat, I mean blitzing when we get off the bus. Our styles our similar and we believe in the same brand of football.

Q: How involved will you be in the offense?
Zook: I will be very involved, people think because you coach defense or special teams you can't coach offense. But I can offer them the perspective of what gives us trouble and we as a defense have trouble stopping. After seeing Rex when I got hear I figured I can coach offense!

Q: Did your first stint here at UF help you prepare for this job?
Zook: Yes, my five years were great and working with Jeremy Foley and Coach Spurrier really prepared me for this position.

Q: What is the biggest difference in the NFL and college?
Zook: There is no margin of error in the NFL. If you have a weakness it will be exploited. But in the SEC just like the NFL anyone can beat anyone on any give Saturday.

Q: What about Rex?
Zook: I am impressed with his work ethic, he has a quick release and most importantly he is a competitor who loves it when his back is against the wall.

Q: How tough is it to replace a legendary coach like Steve Spurrier?
Zook: I know we will play with energy and play fast. He was great for Florida but if we can get great players and coach them well then we can be successful.

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