Gators vs. UCF Post Game Quotes

Urban Meyer: "I thought it was a very good win against a good team. Our team stayed focused tonight. We had four turnovers, and I can't remember the last time that happened. Those turnovers were uncharacteristic of a Florida team."

Coach Urban Meyer

On the shutout:

"We have to correct that before next week. We're a faster team than we were a year ago, and that is what we want. We want to be the fastest team in America, but we're not there yet. We're climbing there, but just not there yet."

"A shutout against a bowl team is hard to get. I'm very proud of what we did tonight, because shutouts are just hard to get."

On Florida's big plays: "SEC play starts tomorrow. The big question last year was how was I educated in my first year at Florida? And the answer to that is four, five or six big plays win a game."

On Marcus Thomas: "Marcus Thomas, other than being a very good player, loves the game of football. It's contagious, and having him around helps this team. He chose to come back and play his senior year at the University of Florida, and that was the correct decision to make."

On Chris Leak "Chris Leak scripts the plays. This is his offense now."

On the missed PATs: "We made a change at holder, and Eric Wilbur has been a very good holder here, but I was disappointed with the mechanics I saw tonight. We're going to get that fixed. It has been a strength in the past, and we have to get it fixed so it is a strength again."

On entering SEC play next week: "I think if we're healthy, which I think we are, then our biggest disadvantage will be lack of experience."

On last year's offensive line compared to this year's: "Last year we had so much experience. I love the fact that these kids now are eager to learn. When you've been around so long, you lose that hunger. Our offensive line isn't as advanced as a year ago, but I love the chemistry of those kids up front this year. "

On this year's defensive line: "Our defensive line, in the summer, was referred to by a lot of people as being as good as those defensive lines in the 1990s. Tonight they played like they were being pushed the whole time."

Senior Quarterback Chris Leak

On the game: "We got in a good rhythm, and that's a credit to the coaches doing a good job in letting us know what to expect on the field. Our guys knew where they were supposed to go and the offensive line did an excellent job blocking for me."

On the Andre Caldwell and Dallas Baker: "(Andre) Caldwell did awesome tonight. He's got great speed and ability, and it's great to get him back on track. Dallas (Baker) did a great job again tonight in getting in the end zone and finding an open area, and I was able to get the ball to him.

Senior Wide Receiver Dallas Baker

On the chemistry with Chris Leak: "We have been together now for a while because we have been playing together since 2003. Now, it is all about getting out timing down. It has to become second nature between us."

On personal improvements since this time last year: "I have improved with my confidence. It has been Coach (Meyer) having confidence in me and believing that I can make the plays. My teammates also believe in me and it makes me want to step up."

Freshman Wide Receiver Percy Harvin

On the keys to his early success: "I have been working hard to take notes form the older players like Dallas (Baker) and (Andre) Caldwell. I watch what they do and they have done a really great job of taking me under their wings. They tell me what I am doing right and what I do wrong. I just sit back and learn from them."

On the 58-yard touchdown run: "It was a little jig play. I went man-to-man with the middle linebacker. I saw that I had some grass in front of me and then the three linebackers came in and threw crucial blocks. It was pretty much all them."

Freshman Quarterback Tim Tebow

On seeing more field time: "I got the ball a lot more this game. I did not get that many snaps against Southern Mississippi last week. This game, I just tried to be confident and move the ball down the field."

On his thoughts when he runs the ball: "I get excited. I like running the ball. I don't really get too nervous. I just look for that crease and hopefully find the end zone."

Coach O-Leary

On the game: "I think Florida played very good. We had opportunities that we didn't take advantage of, but give Florida credit, they're a very solid football team with great speed and good contact speed. We missed too many plays on defense. We put our defense in some bad situations, and we're just not at that stage yet that Florida plays."

On pressure on QB Chris Leak: "I thought we got some initially on him, but then he escaped us. I thought early we were fine. But what happened was our defense. Until we get some older players, we're just not at that defensive stage. You can't do that against a team like Florida and give them the ball that many times and that many opportunities with those kind of athletes. Florida is a very solid football team with a lot of weapons and were very impressive defensively."

On the delay of game penalty: "It was plain stupidity. I'm not making excuses for anybody. The kid had an opportunity on fourth and two. We were going for it because I think in these kind of games, you got to take your shots when you get your chance. I think we had the right call and then we got the penalty. A lot goes back to the quarterback – he can't be taking all day, it was too long. It was a good initial drive and we were throwing on time, but I thought the defense took over soon after that, and you can't win that way. We'll be a better team for it next week, but I think today, give credit to where it's due. I thought their defense played very well."

On Florida's athletes: "It's their contact speed. A lot of teams have track athletes on their football teams. I was impressed with the athletic ability of their team and their playmaking. We didn't help them much, we gave them some opportunities, but they have a good solid defense, a good kicking game, big on offense... they're ranked seventh in the country but I think they should be ranked better."

Senior Defensive End Chris Welsh

On Florida's team: "They played great defense. The game was fair and square, Florida outplayed us."

Senior Quarterback Steven Moffett

On the game: "Florida is a great team and outplayed us tonight. We need to move on, correct our mistakes, and get ready for next week."

On Florida's national standing: "Florida may be in the top two in the country. They are relentless on both offense and defense. They have speed, a great defense, and playmakers. We could not contend with them tonight."

Sophomore Linebacker Cory Hogue

On why Florida won: "Florida outplayed us tonight, but we missed assignments and tackles. We will not beat a team like Florida with the mistakes we made tonight."

On what UCF needs to do for next week: "Plain and simple we need to correct our mistakes, if we are going to win next week."

Senior Wide Receiver Mike Walker

On Florida's fans: "Florida's fans were awesome tonight. It always helps to have that 12th man on your side. "

On the opportunity to play Florida: "We had a big opportunity with this game tonight. This game could have gotten us over the hump. Everyone talks about the big three in Florida (Florida, Miami, and FSU). We want to be in same conversation with them. Tonight we didn't prove we should be."

On Florida as a football team: "They have great size and speed and that was the difference tonight, we still missed assignments and tackles. We need to get those corrected for next week's game."

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