Hollywood Bob's Private Screening, Part II

In the second edition of Hollywood Bob's Private Screening, we go into the murky depths of Gator Recruiting where Bob makes it all crystal clear for you in an comprehensive "State of the Union" style insider update.

Now Onto Recruiting…

Counting the ‘Ships

16 commitments (number in parentheses is number of likely signed at the position)

As you can see, with the minimums at each position the total would equal 25. The Gators can sign only 27 this year as they can count three back to last season and they have to include Ryan Smith in the 2007 recruiting class. That leaves only two floating scholarships among the six positions where the number isn't set.

The fact is the Gators are in a very auspicious but great position this year to really be in on a ton of really talented players across the board and at every position. There are some positions that may be full, that the staff just cannot turn down the caliber of player that wants to commit. People want to point out that the Gators are loaded at receiver but in fact four of the top five will most likely be gone this year. The receiver board is absolutely sick yet again this year.

Anyway, here is my best guess at what the board looks like and who the Gators should be favored to get:

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Hollywood Bob's Private Screening II, cont'd

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