SPECIAL: Gators vs. Tide Game Day "Cheat"

Here's this week's edition of our extremely popular Game Day "Cheats" which contains both team's rosters and depth charts that you can print out for your use on game day in front of your televisions (or at the game, even). It'll be an easy way to see at a glance who's on the field and in what position...

You'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view and print our Game Day "Cheats." You can download the reader here.

Ideally, you should try to print our "Cheat" on both sides of one sheet of paper so you can just flip it over for easy reference. Many newer printers today support this - it's called duplex printing. If yours doesn't: Just print out the first page, take that printed page and put it back in the printer, and print page two on the other side. Easy!

Download Gators vs. Tide "Cheat!

If you'd like something to take to the game with you that's professionally produced, we strongly recommend Louise Robert's famous laminated ReadyRosters which you can wear around your neck.

Feel absolutely free to give copies to your friends and family or refer them here to download their copies. They're great for viewing parties and even better if you have a laminator.

Here's a small screenshot of what our "Cheat" sheets look like:


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