Florida commitments Maurkice and Michael Pouncey are keeping a weekly diary for Gator Country for the remainder of the season as the Lakeland Dreadnaughts try to win their third straight state championship and their second straight USAToday national championship. Lakeland has won 37 straight games including Friday night's 46-7 win over Centennial.

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MAURKICE POUNCEY: I got kicked out of the game Friday night. This guy from Centennial intercepted a pass and Paul Wilson ran him down from behind. I was chasing after him and when I got there, there was some pushing on the sideline. This guy came at my feet and I tried to jump over him but I landed on him and this one referee said "You stepped on him. You're out of the game." The other referees said they didn't see it but honestly, I didn't try to step on him. I don't play dirty. That's the first time I've ever been kicked out of a game and it really made me feel bad.

I think the films will prove it that I didn't do it intentionally. They'll look at them on Monday and I hope they got a clear shot of everything that happened because if they do then they'll see I didn't try to do it. I'm really upset about it because if the films don't show it, then I'll have to sit out a game.

I went up to the guy after the game and I apologized about it. He was cool with everything and he said he knew I didn't try to hurt him. I feel bad about it but it was just something that happened. I really did try to jump over him.

The game wasn't much. Centennial isn't a very good team and it was something like 35-0 when that happened. None of our first team guys got to play the second half either. We held them to negative yards and even though we didn't play our best game, we were good enough.

I think we have to really concentrate now to stay focused because we don't have many tough games until we get in the playoffs. We play George Jenkins this week and they haven't won a game yet.

It's finals week, too, so we've been studying all day. They start on Tuesday and we're doing all our homework and reviewing everything. We're both going to make all A's. We really don't mind doing the studying. Our mom made us read all the time when we were little so we like to read so studying isn't that hard. Sooner or later, you're going to have to do some studying anyway, so you better get good habits early.

We were at the game Saturday against LSU. Man The Swamp was loud, louder than Alabama by far. The whole place was wired and the Gators got a big time win. I knew they were going to win it. Those are my boys. I never think down on them. I know they're going to do something good every time they play. I got faith in them.

Reggie Nelson really impressed me. He's a great athlete. When he hits people they stay down. I like the way he just does what the team needs.

What can you say about Tim Tebow? He's got a great future ahead of him. He's a great Christian and a good guy, too. You just like hanging around with him. He's the future of Florida football and the future is going to be great. That play he made when he passed to Tate Casey, I really didn't know what he was doing and then the ball went up and I saw Tate Casey catch it. We were laughing so hard. I guess only Tim Tebow can do things like that.

We were impressed with all the freshmen that got on the field, too. One thing about the coaches at Florida, if you work hard and you are ready to play, they'll put you in the game. It says a lot about how they trust the young guys that they play so many freshmen. That's one of the reasons we're Gators. We can't wait to get there in January.

MICHAEL POUNCEY: I'm really mad about what happened to my brother. He didn't do anything. This dude hit one of our players and my brother pushed him down. Then he tried to roll under him and Maurkice tried to jump over the top. There wasn't anything intentional about trying to hurt him. It was a crazy call. The films should show that Maurkice never tried to hurt the guy. My brother's not a dirty player. We aren't dirty players. Our dad taught us and our coaches have taught us how to play and we play the right way.

The Centennial game shouldn't have even been that close. John Brown just ate them up. He was everywhere. He had something like five sacks and he only played one half. He was everywhere. Ahmad Black and Steve Wilks didn't get a chance to intercept any passes because they couldn't get one off. Every time they tried to throw a pass JB was there to either sack them or knock the quarterback down.

Paul Wilson made some amazing catches and crushed some people with some blocks in that game. He really showed speed when he ran down that guy that intercepted the pass from behind. I laugh when I hear people say he's slow. If you think he's slow, it just says you haven't ever seen him play.

Chris Rainey is playing great right now, too. He's playing like a real team guy. He's very focused and playing hard every play.

Wilks is just killing people he's hitting so hard and Ahmad has this presence. Every time the ball goes up you think he's going to intercept it. John Brown is just a man on defense. Double team, triple team, it doesn't matter. He makes things go bad for the other team.

We're playing George Jenkins this week. We're undefeated. George Jenkins is defeated. We haven't lost a game. They haven't won one. Even so, we're going to take them seriously and we'll practice hard this week. We have eight more games to go to reach our goal of 45 straight wins, three straight state championships and two straight national championships. If we're going to reach our goal, we have to take everybody seriously, even teams like George Jenkins. They may not be very good but they'll get our best game.

We have finals this week. My brother and I are aiming for straight A's. We left the LSU game early with a few minutes to go so we could beat the traffic back to Lakeland because we have a lot of studying to do. We did homework all day today and got some projects finished up but we have more studying to do.

John Brown didn't get to come to the LSU game with us. He stayed home to study for finals. We're all really proud of him. He's working hard on his grades. He's really taking this serious. He's going to be a Gator. That's why he knows he has to work hard and get his grades. He wants to come to Gainesville with the rest of us.

As for the game, it was great to be a Gator. What a great win over a great team. Tim Tebow is amazing. We were right there when Tebow went up with that jump pass to Casey. At first I thought this is weird because he's trying to jump over everybody and he's too far away, and then he threw that really ugly pass but Casey caught it. We were laughing all the way home talking about it. It was ugly but it counts!

It's pretty interesting with Tebow. Everything he does just seems to work out right. He's one of these guys that makes things happen. That's why we can't wait to get to Gainesville to start blocking for him. He's exciting so you block for him and things happen.

Watching those freshmen was cool, too. When the coaches say you can get on the field if you work hard, they aren't kidding. All you have to do is look at that game. The freshmen helped make the difference.

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