Coach Meyer Luncheon Q & A

Coach Meyer talked about the BCS standings to injuries to the play of the Gators on Saturday. The injuries are mounting in some places for the Gators but on the offensive line they look to be really healthy this week. Enjoy this audio copy of Urban Meyer's press conference.

Opening Statement: "Obviously very exciting, great win. We finished the SEC schedule with one loss. I'm very pleased with that. I'd like to thank our crowd. It was tremendous. I'm been very blessed to be in some stadiums that are behind their team and that was as good as I've been around. I wish there was a way to measure noise level because I've never been in a stadium that loud. I want speak on behalf of the players. They very much appreciate it. We set out years ago, the players actually came to me, and I see that there is a sign as you walk into the stadium that lists all the great wins and the home field advantage that The Swamp provides."

"Our plan to win, play great defense. We played our worst defensive game of the year. We gave up 410 yards. We however did block three kicks and that was the defensive stage of special teams. Turnovers we didn't create any. They had very few penalties. The way we win close games is by creating turnovers, just like everyone else in the country."

"Redzone on offense we hit our goals, three for four two touchdowns. Kicking game we hit seven of ten goals, four gamebreakers, three blocked kicks, one punt inside the ten yardline. So we won the kicking game."

"Field position we actually won it but not by a good margin. USC every time they punted, twice, they started on the 14 and half yardline. We started on the 16. As a game, this was our worst field position as a game. I never felt like we stopped them, forced them to punt."

"Player of the Game on offense, Chris Leak played his best game, one of the better games I've seen a quarterback play. The interception was not his fault. It was a receiver that did not do his job. How do you evaluate a quarterback? Whatever it takes to get a first down, whatever it takes to score a touchdown and I thought he played his best game. He checked ourselves out of three plays and got us into the perfect play. He did it himself and I think he played really well. 19 for 27 254 yards, seven carries for 19 yards. Early in the game he sidestepped a linebacker and threw a pass to Dallas Baker. Under threw the touchdown pass to Dallas but I think overall played an excellent game."

"He was co-player of the game with Percy Harvin. He had six receptions and four carries; ten times he touched the ball for 111 yards. 57 of the reception yards were run after the catch. Terrific player, got us out of a hole a couple of times. Offensive line, Drew Miller played one of his better games, 82% and four knockdowns. Phil Trautwein very consistent player. Billy Latsko graded a champion and our tailback graded a champion, 90 yards rushing still not making players miss when he gets in the open field but he's taking care of the ball and played very well. Special mention, he did not play enough plays, Cornelius Ingram. Played his best game as a Gator."

"On defense, only had a couple. Earl Everett, before he sprained his ankle, played very well graded out a champion, and Reggie Lewis graded out a champion. Player of the Game obviously is Jarvis Moss. He played good on defense and obviously played great in the kicking game."

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