RECRUITING: Searcy to visit Gators soon

North Carolina commitment Danorris Searcy, an outside linebacker, plans on visiting the Florida Gators down the road and is exploring his options since the coaching change at North Carolina.

Danorris Searcy Profile's #9 nationally rated outside linebacker has set up two official visits.

"I am going to North Carolina on December 1 - 3 and Ole Miss from December 8-10," commented the 6' 0", 205 Towers High product, Danorris Searcy.

Where does this leave Searcy's North Carolina commitment?

"Pretty much the same as I did when I committed to them this summer. It is not as strong as it was at that point, but it is still pretty strong."

Are there anymore schools that Searcy is in talks with to take an official visit with?

"Yes, Florida and Virginia Tech, but we have not set up the dates yet. But I do plan on visiting those two schools too."

Are there any additional colleges that have not been listed who are still actively recruiting Searcy?

"Maryland, MSU, and Auburn. Maryland has offered me, and I am just receiving high interest from Mississippi State and Auburn. The rest of the schools have offered me."

Which college is coming after Danorris the hardest?

"North Carolina and Ole Miss. That is it. Those two I am getting the most calls from right now. Ole Miss came to my game Friday. Their recruiter could not talk to me, but he was wearing his Ole Miss hat on the sidelines, and I think I put on a pretty good show for him."

What does Searcy like about the Rebels?

"I like how, even though they are having a down season, they come out and fight hard. Same thing with North Carolina. Every game they come out and put up a fight."

What stands out about Florida?

"I like their winning tradition. Same thing with Virginia Tech."

What are Ole Miss' and North Carolina's selling points?

"Ole Miss tells me that when they watch my film, they like my size and how aggressive I am. They said I was in 9 out of 10 plays, and that I am always around the ball. I like to hit, and that is what they like. They like that I am not scared to tangle it up with a lineman and make a play. I am hungry for the ball all of the time. North Carolina tell me about the exact same thing. They like how aggressive I am in the secondary."

North Carolina has changed staffs but that does not seem to bother Searcy.

"It does not effect me because I have had three different coaches in high school. I am use to change. I know if I go there; I will have a good chance to get a starting spot because everybody will be on equal ground with the new staff."

It is no coincidence that early playing time is an important issue for Danorris when it comes decision time.

"That will be the biggest thing, no doubt. Other than that, I will just look around on my official visits."

In home visits start in two weeks; have any staffs scheduled a visit?

"Ole Miss has, but they are the only ones so far. They are really on me hard. They text me and even call my mother and father all of the time. They told me they are going to send in their recruiting coordinator and their head coach to come see me in a couple of weeks. I will probably talk to North Carolina pretty soon about setting one up too."

Danorris had over 1, 500 yards rushing and 71 tackles this season. Towers season is now over.

3.2 GPA / 21 ACT

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