Gators vs. Catamounts Post Game Quotes/Audio

Post Game quotes from Gator & Catamount players and coaches on the Gators' 62-0 stomping on Senior Day at The Swamp.

Coach Urban Meyer:

Post Game Audio:

On freshman Brandon James:

"We've got him for three more years. He's a really good player, and a very good kid."

On senior Chris Leak:

"You think about the last two drives against Tennessee, against LSU and South Carolina, and he's helped us win a bunch of games. He is understanding what a quarterback has to do, and he's playing very well for us right now."

On injuries:
"Dallas (Baker) has a sprained MCL, and he's probable for next week. Brandon Siler and Earl Everett will be good to go, too."

On senior Tim Higgins:

"He must be Florida's version of Rudy. He's an excellent student, and he'll be a success for the next 20 years. He's a really classy guy. He's a little guy that has done everything we've asked of him, and he's just a first-class guy. We decided to put him in when we saw the sign saying ‘Give Me Higgins.' I actually got a letter, too, asking me to play him. He's a great kid."

On the future of Florida football:

"There's several ways to evaluate a recruiting class. We recruited 26, and 26 showed up. Take a look at all of the young people that have played this year, and you can see Florida's future."

Senior Quarterback Chris Leak

On the game:

"All the seniors were on the sideline rooting the freshmen on. It was fun to get a win like that in my last game at The Swamp."

On being a senior:
"My emotions were everywhere. I just tried to enjoy it and take it all in. It's my last game and I've seen it for three years, so now it's my turn. I'm real happy about it."

Freshman Wide Receiver Percy Harvin

On the game:

"We wanted to get an early lead so we could see how some of the other freshmen and the walkons do. Mon Williams looked great."

On Chris Leak:
"He's a great worker, he has a great understanding of how to read the defense. He understands how our coverage works and how to run our offense. In two minutes he can pick it apart. He rattles the defenses, because the defenses don't know what he's going to do."

Freshman Wide Receiver Riley Cooper

On his touchdowns:
"Everyone keeps asking me but I can't explain it. It's an incredible feeling with everyone cheering for you in The Swamp."

Freshman Wide Receiver Jarred Fayson

On the game:

"I think the experience was great. A lot of freshman got to come out and play. We had a lot of opportunities and we made the most of it."

On his touchdown:
"To get that many carries and to get into the endzone like I did was an honor, it feels great."

Western Carolina Head Coach Kent Briggs

On the game:

"We didn't play our best today. We had a lot of players battling through adversity. We had some players out hurt. We also had to play a lot of freshmen. But give Florida credit, they are a fantastic team, whom I believe really could win the National Championship."

What to take from a game with Florida:
"This game could be good for our guys in the games against Alabama and Georgia next year. It was good for our guys to get the opportunity to get hit in the mouth by a top team in the country. It will help us prepare mentally to play other SEC teams next year."

On Darius Fudge getting a thousand yards in a season: "Darius (Fudge) is a great young man. It is fantastic to see him get to 1,000 yards, especially against a great team like Florida. I am excited for him and for our program. "

Senior Tailback Darius Fudge
On rushing for 1,000 yards:
"This season's had a lot of ups and downs to it, but we kept fighting every game to get every yard. This is kind of more cherished, to get 1,000 yards because it was so hard to get. Football is a game of inches and yards."

On playing in front of 90,000 fans: "It was exciting. It kind of makes you play a little bit harder because even though we're not the home team, I still felt like when they were cheering, they were cheering for us."

On the differences between playing Florida and Appalachian State:
"I think the biggest difference, I mean I can only speak for offense, but the biggest difference is speed. Not necessarily the speed of the game but the speed of the players on defense. A couple of plays where I felt like last week if I would've broken tackles it would've been a touchdown, but this week it was only maybe a first down."

Junior Tailback Mike Malone
On playing in front of 90,000 fans:
"It was great. We get one or two opportunities a year to go out there and show what we're capable of doing and what we can do and I think we fought hard today. I enjoyed playing with the seniors."

Sophomore Quarterback Andy Horn
On changing the game plan without Jarvis Moss:

"No, it really didn't. I mean, we knew their speed inside was going to be good and that the line was going to have to bust it to keep up with them so we had a lot of built-in short routes to try and offset that and we had planned that all week."

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